Letter: Walmart is investor in Krikorian group

Gregory S. Krikorian's op-ed in the Leader (“Walmart could create 250 new jobs,” Dec. 18) arrived on the heels of the City Council's decision to not appeal the Los Angeles Superior Court's final ruling on the case. The city's decision to not appeal is a sound one: The judge in that case found that by issuing permits to Walmart, the city proceeded in a manner not authorized by law and materially breached its mandatory duty and obligations, and that city staff deliberately suppressed the need for certain traffic mitigation measures.

Yet, Walmart has chosen to appeal.

As the Leader noted, Krikorian is president and chief executive of the Valley Economic Alliance. Interestingly, Walmart is on the Board of Governors and is an investor in the Valley Economic Alliance.

Writing op-eds that recycle fear-mongering cliches about labor, blight and jobs does not change the facts. The court and the city have spoken, and the residents know how to connect the dots.

Julie D'Angelo

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