Letter: What more does Mr. Abrams want?

Re: “Public should be part of Council decisions,” Mailbag, Jan. 18. I read Mr. Abrams letter and a comic-book-style question mark came right off the page. The public does have a say, quite a bit of say in City Council decisions. First off, we have the ultimate say every four years during elections. We also have a say during the public comment periods at City Council meetings. Mr. Abrams himself had a say in his letter to the editor. The council members also have email addresses so you can write to them directly.

What more does Mr. Abrams want? Perhaps he wants them to vote exactly how he would. This is called a democracy for a reason. If you are so unhappy with our council, run for office, or donate time and money to a candidate you like. Personally, I like mixed-use projects, bike paths, and the like, and I'm satisfied with the decisions coming down the pipeline. So to recap, there are plenty of ways to get your voice to the City Council. Whether they listen to you or choose to keep to the principles that got them elected is quite another.

Alfred Aboulsaad

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