Letter: Hillside homeowners need to take better care of their pets

Well, it has happened again — a family pet was taken by a wild animal in the middle of the night.

This week it was on Hamline, three weeks ago it was on Lanark and there are lots of sightings of the predators. Many more are not reported but it's the same result, over and over.

Every time I read one of these stories, I feel so sad for the poor pet, every night they are left outside to fend for themselves with no protection. They know what lurks in the hills, they know when something is nearby, they know their life is on the line, every single night.

These pet owners must realize that when they close the door at night, it is a terrifying ordeal for the family pet, who is domesticated and is no match for any wild animal.

I just want to say to these so-called owners: Hey, you wouldn't leave your children outside, so why would you leave your loving, devoted family pet outside?

Animal Control has a good set of rules that need to be enforced.

If hillside pet owners leave their pets outside then their pets should be taken away from them and their names should be flagged so they cannot ever have pets again.

Les Copeland
Sun Valley

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