Leader Editorial: Town hall meeting carries on tradition

Burbank residents turned out this week for a town hall event where they had the opportunity to express their opinions and concerns on a host of city-related issues, from pot holes to proper notification of public hearings.

Mayor Emily Gabel-Luddy, following a pattern established by previous leaders, was a driving force behind the gathering at John Muir Middle School. Gabel-Luddy she believes it is healthy for city officials to get out of City Hall to hear what constituents have to say in an informal setting.

A long-standing tradition in America, such meetings have allowed generations of people to solve community problems by putting their heads together in an informal setting. Here in Burbank there has been a measure of success, with suggestions leading to solutions. For example, revisions to the city’s smoking ordinance came about after a citizen pointed out during a 2012 hall meeting that second-hand smoke was entering her apartment.

We encourage people to participate in town hall sessions. People new to the neighborhood in particular should take advantage of these opportunities to become informed about issues facing their adopted hometown and to get a better feel for the people who are representing them.

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