Letter: IKEA will save us from a grim future

Re: “IKEA plans are in the hands of City Council,” March 8: Burbank during the coming years better take advantage of every commercial opportunity that comes its way because tomorrow's news pages may not be so pleasant.

The Burbank City Council should pull out all stops to begin the IKEA construction project on San Fernando Road. The days are long gone of lavish federal government spending in Burbank with Lockheed for the merchants of death to grow ever fatter at the table of their insatiable gluttony and hubris.

The city treasury needs more future guaranteed funding sources as do the people living in Burbank and its surrounding communities. These folks desperately need more jobs and more money in their pockets for the long, harder road ahead.

Only arrogant, selfish people, who already got their piece of the pie, will stand in the way of others needing to climb out of the nightmare quagmire of poverty, including obliterating the obstacles to our American poor and unemployed to their pursuit of happiness and long-term prosperity.

The socioeconomic benefits and spinoffs for Burbank having the biggest IKEA in America are paramount. Let's move forward. Let's get busy!

Emzy Veazy III

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