Letter: Dive deep into the issues of the day

I am pretty much in agreement withthe Leader’s advisory board regarding what the newspaper does well and “not so much.”

One additional improvement might be a “deep dive” column or page (perhaps in place of the current “In Theory” page) that takes on a controversial local, state or national issue from all sides with supporting facts and evidence. The current issue over community care facilities in residential neighborhoods would benefit from such an examination. For example, how have other communities in the state dealt successfully with this requirement? What problems have arisen and how have they been addressed? What guidelines, standards and/or regulations have been instituted to ensure such facilities are properly and safely integrated into the community?

Considering the tumult that apparently took place at the recent City Council meeting, it would appear that an in-depth analysis of this issue would have been of real benefit to the members of the Council, as well as the citizenry. The Leader could do the community a real service by shedding light rather than heat to such discussions.

Rita Zwern

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