Letter: Manners have a place in civil society

Since January 1986 I have never seen or known Mark Scott to lose his cool at a public meeting until I read “Frutos asks for review of Mark Scott's performance” (April 12). Boy! I'm glad I did not attend that Burbank City Council session. I had wanted to make a cameo appearance. The shock would have really shaken me.

Mark Scott had to deal with a crowd in Beverly Hills that nagged and harangued, but you folks took the cake by being disrespectful.

Mark Scott, stick to your guns to demand respect and a decent code of conduct at city meetings. For those you who like to improve your civility and public image, I suggest you read books on etiquette to refine yourselves. Low-class behavior and frenzied mob psychology is gutter chic.

Bad manners is so widespread as common practice. Only the barbarians think it's proper. No more vicious attacks on the gentleman.

Emzy Veazy III

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