Letter: Gordon's easy role as a naysayer

Re: “Housing issue and a lack of leadership,” Mailbag, April 16. Dr. David Gordon has the easiest job on the Burbank City Council. To be the one outlier, the one naysayer, the one who always sides with “the people.”

Molly Shore pretty much summed it up in her letter: Toe the state's line or get sued by any number of agencies and/or the state itself. While that's not a given, it is a distinct possibility.

So while the adults in the room deliberate the pros and cons of this rock and a hard place, Dr. Gordon chooses the easy way out and jumps to the popular decision with a wink and a smile to his Tuesday night fan club. Must be nice to have such an easy job. In this case, why not execute the popular choice and ban the group homes? As consequences pile up, we can look to Dr. Gordon's “leadership” to figure out how to pay for them, and finally he will have a tough decision to make.

Alfred Aboulsaad

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