Leader Editorial: Burbank would benefit from cooler heads all around

City Manager Mark Scott says that a closed-door evaluation session with the City Council this week left him feeling “energized.” Inasmuch as we were not privy to the conversations that took place during that meeting, we’re left to take him at his word that his enthusiasm for his job has returned and he’s looking ahead to brighter days. That confident attitude had been left somewhat in question after Scott stated in a recent public meeting that Burbank is a “very frustrating place to work.”

In all fairness, we have to agree with Scott, in that the relentless complaints he and other civic leaders are called upon to endure must be exhausting, at best. We also agree with the sentiment expressed during his meltdown when he called for “at least of scintilla of respect” for Burbank’s public servants. But, just as all of us civilians must bite our tongues from time to time in order to keep peace in our workplace — and perhaps to hold onto our jobs — Scott surely knows that his thoughts about the exasperating nature of dealing with critical residents should have been kept to himself. He cannot forget that he is employed by the grace of the citizenry.

We hope, now that this little episode is behind us, that civility and cool heads will prevail — on the parts of public officials and residents alike.

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