Letter: Frutos is the right choice for mayor

An important date is coming for the city of Burbank. May 1 is almost here and the City Council, per the City Charter, must choose a mayor and vice mayor. My vote for mayor is for Bob Frutos. The reasons are many, he won his seat outright at the primary, a feat unheard of since Stacey Murphy. Bob's also an experienced leader in the LAPD where he's a community liaison to the work he did on Burbank's Charter Review Committee and fighting for more oversight on the Police Commission.

The desire to want to hand the gavel to Dr. Gordon might be there, but let's look at all aspects of this important decision. His relationship with staff is at best tense, as he constantly calls into question their skills, their “agenda” and ultimately their professionalism. His attacks disguised as questions border on giving them a hostile workplace lawsuit. No doubt they must think of their benefits and pension to remain on the job.

Worse, Dr. Gordon's ascension would validate the Tuesday night regulars. Giving them their trophy mayor would say to them and other city critics that they were right all along. It would embolden their views and make their opinion the “right” one. Is this what we want for Burbank? The City Charter is clear, no need to present the mayoral seat to the vice-mayor, only to choose the mayor. Left unsaid is to choose who is best for Burbank. I can think of no better mayor than Bob Frutos. To the council I ask that they not do the expected, but think hard about this decision and its ramifications.

Alfred Aboulsaad

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