Letter: Submitted list of names was misinterpreted

Re: “A setback for neighborhood gates,” April 16. As the president of the Burbank Hills Homeowners Assn. I would like to clarify that the document submitted during the city planning meeting of April 14 was never presented as a “petition of signatures.” In fact, during my presentation at the meeting I said that I was submitting a list of 100 names and addresses that comprised three separate surveys done in our neighborhood. I also welcomed the Planning Board to contact the 100 names and addresses on the list. The video recording of that meeting, available for public viewing on the city of Burbank website, confirms that.

You can therefore imagine my shock upon reading the Leader’s article on April 16, that I had somehow presented a petition of 100 signatures, although half of them “appeared to be in the same handwriting.” The implication here is of fraudulently writing out signatures to bolster our request for gates in our community. My personal and professional reputation is of utmost importance to me, and for this reason, I felt compelled to write the editor to set the record straight.

My family and I have lived in Burbank for 15 years and our child has always gone to Burbank public schools. We have deep and meaningful ties in this community. Suddenly, with one article and inaccurate comments made by board Chairman Kimberly Jo about a document I presented at the meeting, my personal and professional ethics have been called into question.

Had I known during or after the city planning meeting that Ms. Jo had questions or concerns about the document I submitted, I would have gladly clarified the matter. I did not have that opportunity. I left the city planning meeting when our matter was concluded, unaware that Ms. Jo was not clear what I had submitted to the board.

Namrata Cooper

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