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Friendly competition

OLIVE PARK—For months, players from the Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services Department Ponytail Softball league have been busy taking part in competition.

With victories and division championships at stake, the athletes worked hard to better themselves, and their teams.

However, Saturday at Olive Park, the players were able to relax a little and have some fun, as they celebrated the ending of another successful season with the annual Ponytail Softball Jamboree, sponsored by the Foothill Civitan Club.

Like their Hap Minor Baseball counterparts the week before, the softball players invaded the park for their traditional skills


competition, food, refreshments.

The day began with a parade to Olive Park for the annual skills competition and awards ceremony. In

the skills competition, players took part in four events—hitting for distance; throwing for accuracy; baserunning and throwing for distance—and won awards for their accomplishments.

The top three award winners from each division in the skills competition include:



BASERUNNING — 1. Orla Giffen (Fireflies); 2. Hana Savola (Hot Flames); 3. Briana Lewis (Johnson Diamond Girls). THROWING FOR ACCURACY — 1. Maddie Medina (Johnson Diamond Girls); 2. Riley York (Trabilcy Diamond Divas); 3. Isabel Perez (Hot Flames). THROWING FOR DISTANCE — 1. Lindsey Gonzalez (Hot Flames); 2. Orla Giffen (Fireflies); 3. Shelby Pierce (Trabilcy Diamond Divas). HITTING FOR DISTANCE — 1. Shelby Pierce (Trabilcy Diamond Divas); 2. Lillyana Travieso (Fireflies); 3. Lydia Grote (Fireflies).


BASERUNNING — 1. Maisy Green (Cubbies); 2. Lindsey Miller (Orozco Wildcats); 3. Memorie Munose (Orozco Wildcats). THROWING FOR ACCURACY — 1. Jasmine Castro (Cubbies); 2. Kylie Gagnon (Cubbies); 3. Isabella Orozco (Orozco Wildcats). THROWING FOR DISTANCE — 1. Sabrina Englebrecht (Orozco Wildcats); 2. Daniella Gray (Orozco Wildcats); 3. Tess Tiger (Cubbies). HITTING FOR DISTANCE — 1. Tess Tiger (Cubbies); 2. Isabella Orozco (Orozco Wildcats); 3. Sydney Martin (Pink Ladies).


BASERUNNING — 1. Megan Schmidt (King Fireflies); 2. Kylie Colton (Colton Diamond Divas); 3. Annie Buffolino (Fillies). THROWING FOR ACCURACY — 1. Penelope White (Firecats); 2. Heidi Collins (King Fireflies); 3. Delanie Finnegan (Pink Sox). THROWING FOR DISTANCE — 1. Ashley Christoffersen (Pink Ladies); 2. Meghan Lynch (Firecats); 3. Charlotte Hobson (Firecats). HITTING FOR DISTANCE — 1. Sarah De Amicia (Pink Sox); 2. Annie Buffolino (Fillies) ; 3. Kira Parlato (Colton Diamond Divas).


BASERUNNING — 1. Carley Gay (Heartbreakers); 2. Natalie Ortiz (Ortiz Diamond Girls); 3. Katie Treadway (Little Devils). THROWING FOR ACCURACY — 1. Megan Sawyer (Heartbreakers); 2. Lauren Zedler (Firecrackers); 3. Megan Mazer (Firecrackers). THROWING FOR DISTANCE — 1. Mia Stover (Heartbreakers); 2. Megan Mazer (Firecrackers); 3. Mikayla Gay (Heartbreakers). HITTING FOR DISTANCE — 1. Haley Lamb (Ortiz Diamond Girls); 2. Bene Snyder (Ortiz Diamond Girls); 3. Hope Clark (Little Devils).



BASERUNNING — 1. Mia Van Houten (Brat Pack); 2. Camylle Robinson (Brat Pack); 3. McKenna Colton (Blue Diamonds). THROWING FOR ACCURACY — 1. Cheyenne Arroyo (Brat Pack); 2. Rebecca Gasper (Her-I-Canes; 3. Alyssa Phelps (Ortiz Diamond Girls). THROWING FOR DISTANCE — 1. Nicole McCord (Het-I-Canes); 2. Katie Marcy (Her-I-Canes); 3. Julie Hank (Her-I-Canes). HITTING FOR DISTANCE — 1. Katie Marcy (Her-I-Canes); 2. Makena Kane (Brat Pack); 3. Katelynne Minterray (Brat Pack).

3/4 COLT B

BASERUNNING — 1. Sarah Duncan (Rocket Fizz); 2. Alexandra Benson (Rocket Fizz); 3. Alexandra Davis (Little Angels). THROWING FOR ACCURACY — 1. Genesis Martinez (Reveles Burbank Angels); 2. Cecelia Quintana (Rocket Fizz); 3. Briana Galzka (Little Angels). THROWING FOR DISTANCE — 1. Mariah Pardo (Rocket Fizz); 2. Celeste Lee (Rocket Fizz); 3. Maddie Sena (Rocket Fizz). HITTING FOR DISTANCE — 1. Celeste Lee (Rocket Fizz); 2. Megan Williams (Reveles Burbank Angels); 3. Caroline Keenan (Reveles Burbank Angels).


BASERUNNING — 1. Brooke Radcliffe (Burbank Tigers); 2. Cailey Stevenson (Burbank Tigers); 3. Alex Howard (Tornadoes). THROWING FOR ACCURACY — 1. Cailey Stevenson (Burbank Tigers); 2. Caitlyn Charles (Sugar Rush); 3. Jasmine Vance (Sluggin’ Divas). THROWING FOR DISTANCE — 1. Sabrina Steward (Sluggin’ Divas); 2. Sophia Odio (Sluggin Divas); 3. Veronica Norris (Burbank Tigers). HITTING FOR DISTANCE — 1. Melissa Garcia (Sluggin’ Divas); 2. Alicia Rodriguez (Sluggin’ Divas); 3. Katie Metcalf (Burbank Tigers).


BASERUNNING — 1. Brianna Johnson (Roxy Babes); 2. Hailey Cusumano (Crush); 3. Hannah Talavera (Winters Angels). THROWING FOR ACCURACY — 1. Emily Pennings (Winters Angels); 2. Cami Christopher (Cougars); 3. Mimi Tiger (Winters Angels). THROWING FOR DISTANCE — 1. Sarah Sarquiz (Crush); 2. Nicole Winters (Winters Angels); 3. Cassandra Morales (Roxy Babes). HITTING FOR DISTANCE — 1. Emily Pennings (Winters Angels); 2. Sarah Sarquiz (Crush); 3. Victoria Carrasco (Roxy Babes).


5/6 COLT A

BASERUNNING — 1. Gabby Perez (Shout); 2. Rachel Niver (Bauer Wildcats); 3. Alise Archuleta (Shout). THROWING FOR ACCURACY — 1. Gwen Gagnon (California Flames); 2. Alexis Dubon (Shout); 3. Medaline Malicdem (Hot Shots). THROWING FOR DISTANCE — 1. Destinee Angel (Shout); 2. Alise Archuleta (Shout); 3. Madeline Malicdem (Hot Shots). HITTING FOR DISTANCE — 1. Amanda Flores (California Flames); 2. Genesis Quintero (Budgies); 3. Zoe Baer (Budgies).


BASERUNNING — 1. Davina Del Castillo (Lady Legends); 2. Cheynne Steward (Boom!); 3. Lauren Carenter (Rockets). THROWING FOR ACCURACY — 1. Lydia Narsrellah (Storm); 2. Alyssa Gonzales (Darkness); 3. Megan Lylim (Storm). THROWING FOR DISTANCE — 1. Bridgett Pisa (Lady Legends); 2. Nicole Lucas (Boom!); 3. Tori Talvera (Lady Legends). HITTING FOR DISTANCE — 1. Cheyenne Steward (Boom!); 2. Lizzy Grubb (Boom!); 3. Hailey Beckmann (Lady Legends).