Marcus LoVett Jr. vs. Aaron Holiday in battle of the nation's top sophomores

In a highly anticipated matchup, two of the top sophomores in the nation--Marcus LoVett Jr. of Providence and Aaron Holiday of Campbell Hall--squared off in a nonleague game on Wednesday.

LoVett won the personal battle, dropping 47 points, more than half his team's total, while Holiday finished with 40 after fouling out with three minutes left in the game.

Campbell Hall secured final bragging rights, however, surviving a torrid run by the Pioneers late in regulation to earn a 91-86 overtime victory.

Trading shots like a pair of heavyweight boxers (and with enough sick moves to keep the crowd mesmerized) LoVett and Holiday put on a wildly entertaining show.

Both LoVett, whose father was a star player for an Oklahoma City University team that won the 1996 NAIA championship and later had pro tryouts, and Holiday, whose brother Jrue plays for the Philadelphia 76ers, have what it takes to play at the next level, so we look forward to watching them play each other again.

--Jeff Tully, Times Community News

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