Jared Papazian taken down in Tachi Palace title fight

Perhaps more than any other aspect of his fight game, Jared “the Jackhammer” Papazian’s willingness to put on exciting fights has garnered him notoriety.

On Thursday night, Papazian once more went looking for a gunfight, but this time out, Papazian went down with his guns blazing. Russell Doane scored a technical knockout of the Burbank Gracie Barra fighter at the 2:30 mark of the fourth round in the main event of Tachi Palace Fights 17 “Fall Brawl” in Lemoore at the Tachi Palace Casino.

“Hats off to Jared,” Doane said in the cage after the fight. “I spent weeks just fearing his striking.”

It was a huge Doane right hand to the chin that was the beginning of the end, though, as he sent Papazian face first to the canvas. Papazian got his arms out in front of him and staggered up quickly, only to take a barrage of Doane punches. Papazian fired back and was taken down, where a steady stream of elbow strikes by Doane forced the stoppage by referee Jason McCoy.

With the win, Doane (11-2) claimed the Tachi Palace Fights interim bantamweight (135 pounds) title, while Papazian (17-11) had his two-fight winning streak snapped and lost for the second time in four fights and the fifth time in his last eight.

It marked the first time in his career that Papazian was stopped via strikes. It certainly wasn’t for lack of a phenomenal chin from Papazian, who ate solid, stunning punches from Doane in every round. Doane also landed takedowns in every round despite getting the better of the fight on the feet.

A big overhand right landed in the first round for Doane, but after the initial fireworks, Doane clinched and worked a takedown against the cage. After a stand-up, the two traded at the center of the cage before Doane clinched against the cage once more. Papazian defended the takedown attempt well, landing punches and some elbows, but Doane would work a trip for another takedown. Doane would land some decent punches while hovering over Papazian, but Papazian also landed a solid up-kick from his back.

Papazian, cornered by Alberto Crane, Edmond Tarverdyan and Karen Darabedyan – all of Glendale, began the second with a left hook and a leg kick landing well. The two then traded and Papazian nodded his head approvingly. Papazian took Doane down after the two came together in a skirmish, later freed himself of a Kimura and tried one himself, but soon Doane worked his way standing and took the back of Papazian.  While Doane worked for a takedown, Papazian defended it well and landed plenty of punches to the side of Doane’s head. Doane looked a bit gassed, but landed a huge right cross to stun Papazian. Looking hurt, Papazian just winged back and landed and Doane clinched for a takedown. Eventually he got it in emphatic fashion.

Doane came out in the third and landed back-to-back one-two combos that Papazian ate, but Doane shot in and landed an easy takedown. Another takedown by Doane came later in the round, as he just smothered Papazian. A third and a fourth takedown would follow, with Papazian trying unsuccessfully to work a guillotine choke.

In the fourth, they came out trading and Papazian connected well twice with right uppercuts, but Doane shot in and got yet another takedown. As he always did, Papazian worked his way back up, using the cage to wall walk. A huge right hand after a break sent Papazian to the canvas. He would spring back up only to take a barrage of punches for his troubles, but always a gamer, Papazian’s chin held up and he kept swinging. Doane notched another takedown and rained down right elbows to the chin and face before the ref finally stopped it.

A stunned and bloodied Papazian remained on the canvas minutes after the fight looking dazed with his back on the floor and his head up against the cage. He was standing shortly thereafter.

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