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Burbank football blitzes Glendale in league victory

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Smokey Robinson to perform at the Rose


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  • Mailbag: Bridge law's lack of transparency

    The Burbank City Council voted last February to begin the process of applying for available $680,000 of federal funding, to be matched by $170,000 in local funds, for the purpose of extending the Los Angeles River bicycle path and surrounding park area through its portion of the river, which would...

  • Mailbag: Cul-de-sacs indicate 'stop'

    Mailbag: Cul-de-sacs indicate 'stop'

    Reading about the permanent cul-de-sacs being implemented to help the streets affected by the mixed-use Talaria project, I wonder why the possible need for this wasn't discussed and figured in before giving the construction plan the OK. This should be a wake-up call to the city manager, the Burbank...

  • Mailbag: Development plans worrisome

    Mailbag: Development plans worrisome

    The Planning Board recently sent plans for First Street Village back to the drawing board. We are apparently going to be building 1,467 apartments within a quarter-mile radius. One can only imagine what this will do to traffic, the impact it will have on parking and how many new students will pour...

  • Mailbag: Pool policy is all wet

    Mailbag: Pool policy is all wet

    Let me start by saying what a wonderful resource the Verdugo Pool is for the community, especially after its renovation and the installation of the activities section. The slides and fountains of this section offer a special treat found in very few public pools. The Verdugo facilities are in good...


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