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Young hockey players pick up finer points from Daryl Evans


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Alex Theatre musical pays tribute to Marilyn Monroe


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  • Mailbag: Police issues are serious

    We Burbank Police Officers Assn. Board of Directors have read Mr. Gunn's opinion letter to the Leader and find his comments very disturbing. Quite frankly, we would expect a more professional, articulated response from someone who is a retired law enforcement commander and a former police commissioner....

  • Mailbag: Condolences and praise

    For everybody who has a relative in law enforcement or knows somebody in law enforcement and for those citizens who respects the job officers do, we know July 7 marked a very sad day in law enforcement. We cannot imagine the grief the officers in the Dallas Police Department must be feeling. Our...

  • Mailbag: Readers weigh in on gun control, police unions and Trump

    Is Trump trending downward? Donald Trump is another Bernie — Bernie Madoff, that is. Just like Madoff, Trump is a con man, a downright crook (think Trump University), but he's even more than Madoff. Trump is an egotistical madman who cannot stand up to scrutiny. And that is what will be his downfall....

  • Mailbag: A final move for SAG/AFTRA

    On New Year's Day 2017, all who work in front of the camera will celebrate an amazing milestone in their profession: actors will officially have one healthcare plan. There will be no more split earnings. All earnings on all jobs will go to one healthcare plan. Finally, after a long and difficult...


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