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Girls' volleyball preview: Burroughs looks to repeat as league champion


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With his TV show on hold, Adam Ferrara returns to standup

With his TV show on hold, Adam Ferrara returns to standup

For a lot of his fans, Adam Ferrara is known mainly for his acting roles on the acclaimed TV shows "Rescue Me" and "Nurse Jackie," and as a co-host behind the wheel of the American version of "Top Gear." But underneath all that, he thinks of himself first as a comic. Now that he's on his first...


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  • Mailbag: High praise of religiosity

    I feel compelled to address some of the responses to the weekly subject matter of the In Theory column in the Burbank Leader. First of all, I want to recognize and thank Jon Barta and Bryan Griem for using the Bible, God's word, as the basis for their answers and not resort to man's own reasoning...

  • Mailbag: Award brings civic pride

    I have read with interest the July 27 article in the Burbank Leader, "The Burbank Channel scores an Emmy," written by Anthony Clark Carpio. The Burbank Channel has now earned four Emmy awards. This Emmy, earned for the terrific "State of the City" address given in 2015 by then Mayor Bob Frutos,...

  • Mailbag: Anticipated backlash

    Re: "School districts weigh Satanic Temple's plan," In Theory. For years the schools have opened their facilities to religious organizations like Campus Life and Youth for Christ and few have objected. Now the Satanic Temple wants to offer a club to promote science and reason. I think the well-intended...

  • Mailbag: Film follows river, politics

    Below is a YouTube link to a newly made documentary movie directed by German film director Alexander Gall about Burbank politics, the L.A. River bike path and the big river itself, the Frog Spot, Griffith Park, and the long-simmering controversy between local bicyclists and horseback riders. It...


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