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Providence girls' basketball has stellar opening


DVD Review: Looking back at 'Dont Look Back'

DVD Review: Looking back at 'Dont Look Back'

Fifty years ago D. A. Pennebaker took a few cameramen to follow Bob Dylan around during his 1965 British tour. What was released two years later as "Dont Look Back" was immediately recognized as a landmark in documentary filmmaking. Though there is a fair amount of performance footage, this is...


  • Letter: Basket program welcomes helpers in Burbank

    I wanted to invite fellow Burbankians to participate in some upcoming activities. On Thursday, Dec. 3, the Burbank Advisory Council on Disabilities will meet from 1 to 2 p.m. in Room 101 of the Community Service Building, 150 N. 3rd St. We need people to come and share their thoughts and findings...

  • Letter: Intuition is awash in misconception

    Sometimes our intuition is wrong. A big misconception regarding swimming pools deals with how much water they use. In our drought times, people complain that homes with pools use too much water. But last year, the Los Angeles Times printed an article with studies showing that the water evaporating...

  • Letter: Thoughts on the refugee question

    Barack Obama has an ally in Ray Richmond’s column. Richmond isn’t “proud today of the way my country is behaving.” Neither is our president. Richmond claims our countrymen are telling Syrian refugees “to turn around and go home to lives of certain gloom and likely death.” Apparently he’s unaware...

  • Letter: Council's behavior raises eyebrows

    Watching the Nov. 16 City Council meeting, we were appalled at the way members of the group Save Burbank Neighborhoods were treated simply because they had distributed a flier that some council members determined had some incorrect information on it. As elected officials, their job should have...