Mailbag: Owners, pets form friendships at de-facto dog beach

I am a longtime resident of Newport Shores, near the county land at the river jetty commonly known as "Dog Beach," and have recently found out about the possibility that Newport Beach would take over patrol of that area. (Editor's note: A city commission has recommended against a city taking over responsibility for the beach but the City Council has not yet taken up the issue.)

To say that I have lived here a long time would be an understatement. I was actually born in Newport Shores. I am currently on the board for the association and have owned my own company here for nearly 15 years.

The possibility that we would lose the area to have our dogs off-leash is very disturbing in many ways. First and foremost, this is one of the things that makes our little corner of Newport so unique. My wife, my two kids and I will often head over to River Jetty to let our dog play and have found that it is an area that really promotes a community feel. I have met and become friends with so many people that I may never have encountered had it not been for the ability for my dog to roam while I drink my coffee and chat with others.

Another of the problems I have is that in today's world there are so few places where dogs can actually be dogs. I know this sounds odd and cliché but it is true. They are able to run and play and enjoy themselves, which almost never happens with today's regulations. For as long as I remember, I have been taking my dogs there to swim with them and throw the ball without being harassed by police agencies. In that time, I have never seen any public nuisance. I have seen a couple of dogs scuffle here and there and it is generally resolved quickly and often will begin a healthy conversation about animal training.

Please do not let the city of Newport Beach manage that property. It will take away one of the best parts of West Newport (though actually county land) and it would completely alter the place I have loved my entire life.

Nick Louis
Newport Beach


Do not overdevelop Newport Beach

I have stopped saving every little bit of water since I realized that the Planning Commission has all these outrageous plans for Newport Beach, especially that huge 26-story building. What are they thinking? This building would dominate the whole area and bring so many more people, and therefore more cars, which will result in more pollution.

We have reached our limit as far as traffic, water, pollution, etc., goes. My family has lived here for over 35 years, and we were actually in favor of developing Newport Beach. But enough is enough.

Tamar McDonald
Newport Beach


Residential project could congest area

I am voicing my disappointment with the plans for the Museum House project proposed in Newport Beach. I am a resident in Corona del Mar, who never goes to Fashion Island either to shop or eat, since it is too crowded. Except for the Apple store, it is off-limits. It's too hard to park.

And the city planners now have a plan to build a 26-story condo tower in the middle of this next to a new Irvine Co. apartment development. When is it enough? When do you care about the residents who live there already?

I am a New Yorker. I would go home if I wanted to live in a place where I cannot park!

Sherry Pollack Walker
Newport Beach

The poor need feminine products

Re. "Poor women in dire need of feminine hygiene products," (Weekend, Feb. 28): I appreciated your article on women needing these hygiene products so I went to two of the websites — the Friendly Center and Families Forward — to see how I may help. Neither of these two places listed tampons, pads, etc., as needed items. They might get a better response if they put them on the list. Thanks again for the article; well done.

Pam Furry

Huntington Beach