Mailbag: Ad misrepresented my position on Museum House proposal

I woke up Sunday morning a supporter of the Museum House.

Since I've spent the last year as a vociferous opponent to the Museum House, I was more surprised than anyone.

But there I was: the marquee name in the middle of a full-page ad of supporters of the Museum House, saying that I thought it was a beautiful project.

How could this be? Perhaps it was opposite day?

If so, I would read the Daily Pilot to find that our City Council had decided to honor Greenlight and call for a citywide vote after all. I scanned the paper, but no such news.

A tiny memory peeked through. Last summer, I had spoken at a meeting in which I commented that the architecture was beautiful, but that the building was huge, didn't belong in Newport Center and that I opposed the project.

The developer had used surgical precision to extract a few words from my quote and splash me across his ad.

Yikes! Imagine what else I might have said that could be taken out of context and used against me. I can only hope that the karma of the universe rains down upon the developer in the form of huge referendum petitions and that he forgives me, his marquee supporter, for working like a madwoman to defeat his project.

Susan Skinner

Newport Beach