Mailbag: Councils' motto is 'Build, baby, build!'

Re. "Westside makeover continues," (June 27):

I'm grateful to the Daily Pilot for such stories as the one featured on the front page regarding a 60-unit live-work development rising right on the border of Costa mesa and Newport Beach. I'm grateful because such stories are really so relevant to Newport Beach's ongoing look at changing the city's general plan.

Developers are asking for permission to build 1,375 houses on Banning Ranch, not too far from the "Westside makeover." That's potentially 1,435 new homes or, to put it in how-does-that-affect-me-and-others terms, a potential of 2,870 cars driving up and down Newport Boulevard, headed to the 55 Freeway or down to Coast Highway twice a day or more.

Even though both councils appear to live by the same mantra of "Build, baby, build!" it's too bad for the residents of both cities that the decisions are made in a vacuum.

Nora Lehman

Newport Beach


Dry-dock taxi idea

The pursuit of a water taxi fleet simply defies logic. If a taxi fleet was financially feasible, private companies would be knocking at Newport Beach's door.

As a resident taxpayer, I can't understand the city's pursuit of something that intuitively will not work and could create continuing city subsidies.

Why buy a group of expensive Coast Guard-certified boats, hire licensed captains as operators, find a place to store the boats when not in use, pay for continuing maintenance, etc.?

What is the purpose? Transportation to a few bayside restaurants? If it's so important to benefit a few businesses, let the businesses provide the subsidies. The city should stay out of the transportation business.

Deep-six the whole idea.

Jim Thompson

Newport Beach

*Pilot's parent appears biased

I canceled my subscription to the Los Angeles Times, but apparently aside from the Internet, it is the only way I can get the Daily Pilot. I missed catching up on the events around our community, so I started up my subscription again. What a mistake.

A June 28 headline in The Times read, "Confusion over doctor lists is costly for Obamacare enrollees in state." OK, I thought, we are going to start getting the facts on this healthcare nightmare. The first paragraph called the rollout of Obamcare "otherwise successful." What? Are you kidding me?

A June 17 headline read, "Suspected Benghazi attack ringleader is captured by U.S." When are our newspaper agencies going to quit insulting our intelligence and return to journalism without the slant?

I will have to find another way to get the Daily Pilot. I am done supporting newspapers that report their personal narrative, rather than providing us with facts.

Juli Hayden

Newport Beach

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