Mailbag: Oppose further development in Newport Beach

Regarding the proposed Newport Beach general plan update: The city is built-out. Except for Banning Ranch, there is no more vacant land.

Therefore, the only way to accommodate more residents is to convert non-residential land or increase the density on existing residential parcels. In other words, stuff more rats into the cage.

The city prattles on about quality of life, but then it turns around and proposes the major threat to just that — more people.

As a 59-year resident, I am insulted by that approach. Bigger is not always better. Let the developers build out their current allotments and then no more. Leave us alone!

Gordon Glass

Newport Beach


Stop beach encroachment

Without question Newport residents who use the public beach as their own yard by planting grass or paving areas outside their property lines should be fined and made to remove them.

Our beaches belong to the public and should be kept that way.

Nancy Lynn Beck

Newport Beach


New Westside homes a plus

Re. "Photo Gallery: Level 1 Development," (June 27): This development is exactly the type of housing that many of us who were instrumental in the revitalization of Costa Mesa's Westside and who wrote the Westside Plans had in mind.

It's a beautiful development that will compete with Newport Beach and other cities for upwardly mobile residents.

A city is its people, and whether we often think in these terms or not, all cities that want the best for their residents are competing for productive citizens. To compete you have to have housing that these folks want.

We can thank Mayor Jim Righeimer and the City Council for dusting off the Westside Plans and making things happen.

M. H. Millard

Costa Mesa


Reverse Citizens United ruling

The Citizens United ruling historically has to be the single worst travesty of the U.S. Supreme Court and should not stand.

This country is supposed to be by, of and for the people, not corporations. After all, even more than a century ago, Republican President Teddy Roosevelt said: "All contributions by corporations to any political committee or for any political purpose should be forbidden by law."

Michael Baldwin



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