Mailbag: Let people know what they mean to you

Since Robin Williams' death, we have been enlightened by his family, friends and co-workers to what kind of human being he was.

I have heard everything from "He was brilliant" to "What a kind and gentle human being he was" and "He was my best friend."

Although depression can mask itself deeply within someone's soul, I can't help but wonder if the circumstances could have been different had these wonderful things actually been told to the actor by those who claimed to be close to him.

This started me on my journey: Statistics say that someone commits suicide in this country every 13 minutes. I would like to try to change that, even if for one day.

That is why I am asking family, friends and co-workers to join me Saturday in celebrating Share That You Care Day. Then commit to contacting all the people in your life who make a difference and sharing how much they mean to you. Tell them the wonderful things they do for you, and how important they are in your life.

Show your support by sending this message to everyone you know and asking them to use the hashtag #sharethatyoucareday.

Let's try to change that 13-minute statistic.

Sandy Segerstrom Daniels

Newport Beach

The writer is founder and executive director of the Festival of Children Foundation.

Vote no on Measure O

Again, we don't need a charter.

Regarding "" (Aug. 6) and "Labor Agreement will save Costa Mesa millions" (Aug. 10), I am satisfied that the general employees can agree on a long-awaited contract without the need for a charter.

However, does the mayor understand that the city was able to negotiate this contract and negotiate to get the space-age street sweepers that he has wanted for so long without a heavy-handed charter?

Because the charter wasn't needed to outsource the street sweeping, the need for this second, proposed charter, known as Measure O — rhyming with No — is even more questionable. We still have little justification for a charter. The council majority is still unable to tell us how the charter will help govern or provide services to the community — the real job of city government.

The mayor and Measure O must be defeated in November.

Margaret Mooney

Costa Mesa

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