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The Best Note Pads For Easy Writing

  1. Mintra Microperforated Writing Pads (6-pack)
  2. TOPS Legal Writing Note Pad
  3. Amazon Basics Narrow Ruled Note Pad (12-pack)
  4. Next Day Labels Memo Note Pad (10-pack)
  5. Buyer's Guide

No matter how easy it might be to write stuff on your phone, nothing beats a good ol' note pad. The feeling of swiping a pen across paper is divine in its own right. Needless to say, note pads are incredibly useful items that come in handy more times than one can count. From penning down your thoughts in the spur of the moment to noting down groceries, the list is endless. Good quality pages offer a neat palette where you can jot down whatever you wish. So, we've put together a list of our favorite note pads so that you can rest easy knowing you're taking notes on one of the top pads on the market.

The Best Note Pad Models of 2022 in Detail

Mintra Microperforated Writing Pads (6-pack) - Best Overall

The Mintra Office legal pad is comprised of 50 narrow-lined sheets for you to write on. The paper is microperforated allowing you to separate each sheet with a sleek pull. The pages feel smooth to the touch and don’t interfere with the gliding of your pen. This is in addition to a strong backer that prevents the pads from falling out of place. Also, the manufacturer has plenty of colors and packs to choose from.

Amazon Basics Narrow Ruled Note Pad (12-pack) - Honorable Mention

Writing on paper doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when the pages you’re using are smooth. This writing pad from Amazon Basics is among the many legal ruled notebooks out there. However, these narrow-lined pages are pretty popular online due to their moderately thick quality as well as their high value. The spacing between each line measures 0.25 inches making it perfect for people who have naturally small handwriting. The perforated top is clearly outlined with properly perforations that enable a seamless tear every single time.

Next Day Labels Memo Note Pad (10-pack) - Also Consider

These memo pads are blank, white, and free of any lines. The paper is considerably sturdy with the perfect thickness ensuring minimal pen ink bleed. A cardboard backer attaches all the pages together ensuring that sheets don’t come out at slight pulls. The best part is that you can use each side of the page! Even though these are not lined, you can still write on them at the office or reserve them for at-home purposes, scribbles, drawing, taking immediate notes and the list goes on. To top of it off, the thin size of the pads ensures that you’ll be able to take these around with you anywhere you go. These are made for taking a note and pulling it off rather than keeping your notes in a note pad to reference later.

Buyer's Guide

A note pad is an extremely useful item everyone should have. Needless to say, writing is a part of daily life that cannot be forgone in any way. Think about it - what happens when you desperately need to jot something down but can’t find a piece of paper anywhere? Or when you're working from home, and need to make a draft of an idea? While a digital note pad may be able to get the job done, it will be nowhere near as easy, especially for the older generation accustomed to paper!

Most Important Factors to Look Out For In a Good Note Pad

Paper Quality

A note pad is just as good as the quality of its pages. You need moderately thick paper that doesn’t tear at accidental pulls. If it’s too thin, the ink of your pen will bleed through and stain the sheets underneath. Plus, you won’t be able to write on the back if the pages are lined on both sides.

Quantity vs price

Even the best note pads aren’t extravagantly priced, so why should you buy one that is? Getting 500 sheets for $10 isn’t a stretch; in fact, it’s the industry standard. So, don’t be ready to pay too much when you can easily buy cheaper alternatives on the market.

Some People Also Ask

Q: What’s the cheapest note pad on Amazon?

A: Some of the cheapest note pads on Amazon can be bought for $5. Make sure that it has good reviews before buying, however. Don't sacrifice quality for price especially if the ink can bleed through.

Q: Can I use blank note pads for legal writing?

A: Yes; in fact, narrow-lined note pads are specifically designed for legal writing.

Q: Are note pads with yellow paper higher quality?

A: Although a difference in color can convince you that it’s of better quality, color doesn’t make much of a difference; white paper can be just as good as yellow paper. What really matters is the thickness of the paper.

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