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Customize Your Office With The Best Standing Desk

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  5. Siducal Mobile Standing Desk
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Standing desks have become incredibly popular in recent years thanks to the ergonomic benefits they offer. Essentially, a standing desk can remove the possibility of slouching or bad chair posture. Though they come in many different shapes and styles, the best standing desks on the market offer easy adjustability and enough weight capacity to reliably hold your equipment. While hand-cranked units exist, we feel that the added convenience of power operation more than justifies the additional expense. Here are the best standing desks in 2022 (with one converter) on the market today.

Here are the best standing desks of 2022

TechOrbits Standing Desk - Best Standing Desks Overall

This height-adjustable desk mount will bring a new level of efficiency to your workspace. Using a standing desk can enhance posture and blood flow, among other things. You can easily raise or lower your workplace by squeezing the grips on each side of the board, which sits on top of your conventional workstation. This trendy stand-up workstation converter is ultra-slim for convenient transportation and scratch and moisture resistant for a great-looking computer space. Besides this, it is made to last- thanks to its lightweight aluminum structure. It has enough room for a dual-monitor arrangement, letting you tailor your workstation to your preferences. You can rest certain that this standing desk converter's 8 mm thick surface is scratch and liquid resistant to keep stains at bay. Its metal arms and base radiate professionalism with its clean and crisp appearance.

VIVO Standing Desk - Runner Up

We realize that we'll almost certainly catch some flak for selecting a $534 desk as our top recommendation, but this is a case of a product simply hitting all the marks. The Jarvis Standing Desk by Fully (stylized "fully" in marketing material) is one of the most fully-featured (no pun intended) standing desks on the market today, and some of its highlights are noteworthy for going above and beyond general expectations. For starters, Fully utilizes its own components instead of cobbling together a desk using bulk material. The bamboo desktop is beautifully finished and is environmentally friendly at the same time; it's also useful in this application as it allows the bulk of the weight to be concentrated in the heavy steel frame and feet. The desk itself comes with cable management openings in both of the far corners, and the grommets can be closed off when the openings aren't needed. The Jarvis Standing Desk offers a wider range of adjustment than standard practicality requires - it can sink to below 2 feet and lift to nearly 50 inches in height, and the motor supports up to 350 pounds. This particular standing desk also features more memory presets than the seats in most luxury cars, with a total of 4 slots to accommodate multiple users or height preferences. Although the price tag can be a tough pill to swallow, the Jarvis Standing Desk is possibly the last standing desk you'll ever need.

TOPSKY Standing Computer Desk - Honorable Mention

The TOPSKY Dual Motor Electric Adjustable Standing Computer Desk is another desk stand that can easily convert your regular desk into an adjustable standing desk. It is a heavy-duty, powder-coated steel frame with a high 225 pounds weight holding capacity. The frame is stable and strong enough to support your entire working space. The frame is available in two color options - black and while so you can pick the one that goes well with your decor. Unlike other frames, this one is equipped with dual motors that make for smooth and noiseless height adjustment.

You can easily fit a 180 x 80 cm table top over it. Plus, there is also a wide range of compatible desktops available from the same manufacturer that you can purchase separately.

Siducal Mobile Standing Desk - Also Consider

If you like your current desk and see no reason to replace a piece of perfectly good furniture, a desk riser or standing desk converter may be a good fit and is more cost-effective as well. Many of these units sit on top of your desk surface and can be pulled upward to provide additional height when you prefer to stand. While there are lots of great choices out there, we like the FlexiSpot M3B in particular due to a few design choices that provide much more flexibility. The flat desktop space is fully rectangular and can hold up to 44 pounds; unlike many other models, there's no odd cutout that leaves slivers of barely useful space above the keyboard tray. The keyboard tray itself is removable if needed, and the quick-release mechanism requires minimal effort to attach and detach the tray itself. The hinges are aided by gas struts for both raising and lowering, and the movement is strictly vertical as opposed to many other units that push the desk outward. It's a little spendy at close to $300, but the components are sturdy and built for the long haul. The only other downside is that the entire package is much heavier than you would expect, so you'll need to make sure to plan accordingly and take care not to overload your existing desk.

Buyer's Guide

Best Standing Desks Buyer's Guide

Spending long working hours behind a cramped little desk can make anyone lazy and even sluggish. Stretching your muscles now and then, moving your legs and body occasionally can help you feel active and energetic. If you have also realized the positive effect of being in constant motion and have decided to replace your boring work desk with the best standing desk in the market, you have made a wise decision.

Standing desks are becoming a significant part of business ergonomics. Whether you need a standing desk for your workplace or looking for one that could be used at home, determining the right one can be a daunting task. Reviewing the buying guide below will help you pick the best standing desk that offers the best style and comfort.

What Features Make the Best Standing Desk?

Some top features that will help you in picking out the best standing desk in the market include the following:

Has High Level Of Adjustability:

A standing desk is only suitable if it is designed to offer the maximum level of adjustability. With time you may wish to modify your standing desk or feel the need to put a chair in front of your desk. But with a non-modifiable standing desk, adjusting the height will be totally out of option. So, look for a standing desk that offers you all levels of adjustments as per your height.

Height Memory:

Invest in a standing desk that helps you feel comfortable during standing as well as while sitting. Make sure the desk you are choosing offers multiple memory positions. This way, you will be able to convert your workstation from sitting to standing and vice versa within seconds.

It Must Have Multi-Level Surfaces:

Having a standing desk with various shelves or surface levels helps you add more items and accessories to your workspace. Look for a standing desk that has upper and lower levels where you can connect other equipment through ports allowing you the option of multi-tasking.

Look For A Cable-Friendly Design:

If you are an organized person, you surely don’t need your desk to have tangled wires and cables all around. In that case, look for the best standing desk that offers cable management options or has cable trays where your cables can sit neatly.

Higher Weight Capacity:

Strong holding capacity should be your top priority while looking for a standing desk. Mostly, standing desks comes with a weighing potential of around 200-300 pounds, supporting a simple desktop and other minor accessories. But if you intend to place several heavy pieces of equipment on your desk, be confident that the desk can stand the extra weight.

Built With High-Quality Material:

The material used for building a standing desk should be of high quality. Going for an inexpensive standing desk may save you a few dollars but will have a shorter lifespan than the one made from metal or wood, which is sustainable and provides strong support.

Different Types of Standing Desk:

The most famous standing desks available in the market include the following categories:

Fixed Standing Desk:

Fixed standing desks are usually less expensive and remain rigid at a particular height, giving you a hard time repositioning. This desk does look aesthetically appealing, but there are certain limitations to it. For instance, it has a low weight capacity, cannot be adjusted to a suitable sitting height, and remains fixed at one position.

Standing Desk Converters:

If you are tight on budget or don’t wish to throw away your old desk, then a standing desk converter is the answer for you. You can easily place this standing converter on your desk and manually adjust the height using wooden or metal risers. Some desk converters also have a lever or gas-operating lifting mechanism to change the desk’s height swiftly. They are economical, portable, easily manageable, occupy less space, and give an elegant look.

Electric Standing Desk:

The most expensive, fully functional, and loaded with tons of features, an electric standing desk is the standing desk market star. It has a touch button for adjusting height, offers a spacious workspace, higher weighing capacity makes it an ideal choice for most professionals. It will also allow you to attach a treadmill as an added feature, helping you manage work and exercise simultaneously.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Standing Desk

Once you have listed down the features you need in your standing desk; it is essential to contemplate some facts to get the best standing desk.

Your Budget:

Before heading out to buy a sit-stand desk, determine your approximate budget. The cost of a height-adjustable electric standing desk ranges from around $200-$3000 depending on the size, height, features, and the brand you choose. If you need a more budget-friendly option, go for a retrofitted desk converter which is much preferable than a manual standing desk.

Assembling And Disassembling:

A simple standing desk comes with a straightforward assembling manual and is fitted once and for all. In comparison, a retrofitted standing desk can be dismantled and stowed away when not needed. Consider the time you are willing to spend on mounting or demounting your standing desk.


The best standing desk will surely cost you hundreds of dollars and will be your lifelong work companion. So, instead of picking just any desk, be certain that your standing desk comes with a warranty.


A standing desk with a loud and disruptive noise will disturb your workplace's environment, restricting you to utilize the full potential of your standing desk. Adjustable height desks have motors which often makes them noisy. It would be best if you prefer buying a standing desk considering the noise implications not to disturb your colleagues while moving around.

Available Space:

Do not just rush into picking any standing desk. Standing desks are usually taller and much broader than an ordinary desk. Examine the space and space available to you and choose one that can easily fit in the free space.

Expand your Standing Desk with Proper Accessories:

Make your standing desk more ergonomic by buying certain accessories along with it.

Ergonomic Chair:

Include a chair that best compliments your standing desk. When you become tired of standing, the chair will support you. Get a chair that is adjustable and offers lumbar support.

Comfortable Footwear:

Get a pair of comfortable, soft, and high-quality running shoes that can provide the necessary support to your feet.

Anti-Fatigue Mat:

Having a comfortable standing mat will help you get used to your new idea of standing while working and will also ease the pain in your legs, feet, and lower back.

Standing Desk FAQs


What is the best height for a standing desk?Adjust your standing desk at the height of your elbow. It means your elbow must make a 90° angle with the floor.


How long should I stand at my standing desk?Standing desks were designed to provide health benefits to workers. It is advised to spend at least 15-30 minutes per hour on a standing desk to achieve its benefits fully.


Which standing desk is best in terms of functionality: Manual or Electrical?Between these two standing desks, the electrical one has an upper and as it offers effortless adjustability, is reliable, and offers multiple functions. The only drawback is the high price tag.

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