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5 Big Benefits of Standing Desks

5 Big Benefits of Standing Desks

Standing desks have become more popular among modern workspaces, particularly in home-based work environments. They appeal to those who either dislike the sedentary lifestyle associated with a desk job or to those who wish to stay as healthy as possible at all times. Here are five benefits that standing desks provide for those that use them.

It Keeps You Awake

One of the first things you’ll notice when using a standing desk is that you’ll feel more alert and awake as you do your tasks. It is very rare to find someone sleeping while standing, and for good reason - many find it impossible to even do. As such, those who stand are, more often than not, left feeling awake and more active than when they sit down. The constant state of activity (standing) keeps their muscles alert, which brings us to our next point.

It Keeps Your Muscles Active

Depending on your lifestyle and professional career, you may either have extremely buff and active leg muscles, or you have leaner, weaker muscles due to the constant sitting. Those with office jobs or jobs that require the use of computer devices are often stuck to their seats for hours every day, and their legs find little use. This is what causes your legs to feel unrest after prolonged periods of sitting down.

By using a standing desk, you rid your legs of the feeling of unrest. Of course, it can also be possible to feel tired after standing for prolonged periods, but at the very least, your legs are constantly active, which keeps your muscles healthy and alert.

It Promotes Blood Flow

Studies have shown that even just two hours of standing per day can increase blood flow, and to a greater extent, lower the risk of heart-related diseases. This reason alone can be good enough to want to use a standing desk. By using a standing desk for hours a day, you essentially allow the blood in your body to flow more naturally, which can lead to fewer problems later in life.

It Reduces Back Pains

Even if you try to keep a straight posture while sitting, it can be easy to feel back pains after prolonged periods of sitting. Standing for at least one hour a day has been proven to reduce neck and upper back pains among participants. If one hour of standing can improve your back and neck, then it’s likely even longer sessions of standing can provide similar, if not better results.

It Makes You Feel More Productive

Whenever one sits down, they are in a state of relaxation. This state of relaxation, however, can hamper one’s productivity if one feels too at ease. Feelings of lethargy are common among those who sit on their chair for prolonged periods of time.

By standing while working, one gains the urge to do more productive things. This allows one to more easily finish tasks during crunch time or simply do their daily tasks earlier than planned.


It’s pretty amazing what just a few minutes of standing can provide to a person who normally sits around all day during work. With a standing desk, one is able to experience the physical and mental health benefits that come with standing while either working on projects or enjoying entertainment.

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