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Biking and Cycling Equipment for Every Level of Rider

Biking and Cycling Equipment for Every Level of Riders

Must-Have Essentials for Every Biker and Cyclist

Today, cycling has surpassed the transportation. It's a way of life for the enthusiasts and this is partly because of the many health benefits that come with riding a bike. The bicycle is a popular way to stay in shape while having fun.

For cycling enthusiasts and those of you who would like to take up cycling for a muriad of different reasons, here are some biking and cycling equipment you will need to invest in.

A Bike

Of course, it's not surprising that the first essential on this list is the bike itself. There are many different types of bikes, each designed for specific surfaces (road, gravel, mountains, etc.) and purposes (adventure, racing, commuting, etc.). Frame shape, tire width, handle bar design, and weight are just a few features that differentiate bike types.

If your bike will be seeing a lot of off-road use, then a mountain bike is probably the right choice. If you're looking for a lightweight, low maintenance commuter, you should consider a single speed bike.

Bike design also differs depnding on the type of rider. Women's bikes and kid's bikes are manufactured in smaller sizes, typically. For exaample, these bikes might have a slightly lower bike seat compared to a typical men's bike.

Bike Helmet

The bike helmet is essential and we advise that you wear it at all times. It's surprising to find articles that classify the bike helmet as just another nice-to-have accessory. Irrespective of whether the law in your state makes it mandatory for you to wear a cycling helmet, it is always safer to always wear a helmet whenever you ride a bike.

When selecting a bike helmet, make sure the helmet fits perfectly and secure it with the straps.

Bike Lock

A bike lock will save you from having to buy a new bike every time you park your bike in a public place like the park, school, or on the street. It is advisable to invest in a high-quality lock that can only be broken if the thief decides to let loose and use a power tool to destroy the lock.

Bike Pump

The bike pump is another vital piece of equipment that should be in the arsenal of every bike rider, no matter your level.

The motto to be prepared for anything comes to play here and since no one plans for their bicycle tires to get punctured, it is safer to have a bike pump with you at all times when you hit the road. These pumps are available in different sizes, and they fit easily inside bags that can be carried around while riding.

In addition to this, get a spare tube, tire levers, and a multi-tool.

A Bike Computer

The bike computer is an essential piece of biking and cycling equipment for riders who love to keep track of their speed and distance they cover on each ride. These computers are easy to install, and they record so much information, like how far you've ridden and your average and maximum speed. Many of them even go as far as helping you monitor your heart rate.

In addition to this, many of the bike computers today come with GPS functionality that can be transferred to your computer and are rugged enough to withstand rain and other inclement weather.

What one rider considers an essential piece of equipment might not be considered an essential by another. The bike and cycling equipment listed in this article are products that many riders of all levels consider a must-have. Other biking equipment and accessories that are good to have include: dedicated cycling shoes, eyewear, front and rear lights, mudguards and fenders, and dedicated bike gloves.

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