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10 Useful Hacks When Using a Stroller

10 Useful Hacks When Using a Stroller

Strollers can be tricky for first-time parents to use, especially when their baby’s on board. To help ease some of the nervousness, here are some tips to make your first trips with your baby easy and safe for both of you.

Stick to Your Baby at All Times

This is an obvious one, but far too many parents leave their babies unattended while they’re inside the strollers. This may be due to the parents feeling a false sense of security with their baby inside the apparatus. However, it is very much possible for the stroller to lose balance, move away, or get hit by another object while unattended. This can lead to disastrous consequences, so it is advised to monitor the baby and the stroller whenever your baby is inside one.

Bring Extra Tools and Supplies

Whenever you bring your baby along with you, expect the unexpected. Babies act on a whim, oftentimes wanting food, a change of diapers, or simply attention from their parents. Because of this, it is recommended to bring extra diapers, a bottle of milk, towels, and other necessities if possible to handle any situation.

Keep it Under the Shade

Even if your stroller does keep direct sunlight away from the baby, that doesn’t mean the inside of the stroller itself doesn’t get hot. In fact, placing the stroller under direct sunlight can cause discomfort to the baby, which can potentially lead to devastating consequences. Whenever possible, find a place to keep the stroller in the shade so the baby stays cool.

Keep Toys Secure

Toys can move around while you keep them beside your baby in the stroller. Your best course of action is to remove the toys or securely fasten them to the stroller; this way, there's no risk of the toys falling out or hurting the baby while you move around.

Use the Brakes

Most, if not all strollers come with brakes that can keep the stroller in place. Whenever you’re not moving, or if you plan on staying somewhere for a while, use the brakes to prevent the stroller from moving about.

Do not Park the Stroller on a Slope

Even if you have the brakes applied, this doesn’t mean you should park the stroller on a slope. It is still possible for the brakes to malfunction, causing the stroller to roll down the slope. The stroller may also tip over more easily due to the angle.

Keep the Stroller Balanced

While there may be pockets for some items in the stroller, try not to unbalance the stroller itself by putting heavy items in a certain area. This can cause the stroller to potentially tip over.

Fasten the Baby

Many strollers come with fasteners to keep the baby in place. Be sure the baby is securely fastened before leaving with the stroller to prevent any possible accidents from occurring.

Avoid Uneven Terrain

Even if your stroller may be sturdy and high-quality enough to handle it, avoid uneven terrain, especially if a baby’s on board. The uneven terrain can cause discomfort to the baby.

Properly Fold the Stroller When not in Use

After using the stroller, gently remove the baby and properly fold the stroller, ensuring nothing’s inside the stroller as you fold it. Be sure to keep your baby safe as you do this, too.


Strollers are great for bringing your baby around town or for visiting parks and other nice places. By remembering these hacks, you’ll be able to guarantee safety for both you and your baby.

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