Jennifer Lopez identifies with her character in Second Act


Actor Jennifer Lopez on Wednesday presented her new movie ‘Second Act’, a romantic comedy, where she plays the character of a hard-working latina, chasing her dreams.

At the world premiere of the movie, which the actor attended with her partner, former player of the New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguez, told EFE that the protagonist of the movie, Maya Vargas, and she were very similar.

“If I had not had these dreams of singing and becoming an actress, perhaps I would be like her, working in a supermarket,” Lopez added.


In Second Act (Jefa por Accidente in Spain, where it will be releasing on Feb. 8), directed by Peter Segal and filmed in the New York City borough, Queens, the 40-year-old Maya, tired of her work as an assistant manager at a supermarket, is struggling to fulfil her dreams.

Lopez had arrived at the premiere amidst steep security that kept screaming fans and media people away.