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People gather in rainy Los Angeles to protest against the inauguration of President Donald Trump. (Jae C. Hong / Associated Press)

President Trump has issued an executive order suspending refugee arrivals and banning travel to the U.S. from several Muslim-majority countries. Already, an unknown number of airline passengers have been turned away from U.S.-bound flights.

Are you an immigrant to the United States? We want to hear your story. How do you feel about actions the new president has taken so far?

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“I have nothing to go back to in my country of birth and no longer even speak the language.”

— "Stella", Belgium

“I am rooting for the success of President Trump. ... Having said that, the newest executive order on immigration came as a shocker to me.”

— Abed Rahman Kawakibi, Aleppo, Syria

“Most immigrants aren't terrorists - they're often educated people seeking a better life.”

— Aditya Subramanian, Indian Citizen, living in Sweden

“I want America to be the global leader in every conceivable category, including compassion. We are making a massive mistake.”

— Admir Rašić, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“I have never been happier. I love our president.”

— Alex, Turkey

“What the families affected by this order are being put through is absurd, un-American and just plain inhumane.”

— Alina Ispas, Romania

“My wedding was scheduled to be on March 31st. ... It will be most probably cancelled, as neither my family nor my wife's family can attend the wedding. ”

— Amir R Khakpour, Iran

“It's just unjust and completely harmful to those who sincerely love the United States.”

— Amro Gibril , Saudi Arabia, of Sudanese heritage

“My father brought a flourishing business into the U.S. and we came along as family.”

— Antonella Sobrero-Spain, Italy


“I've lived here in this country for 52 years. I'm an American citizen and I'm not going anywhere”

— Beatriz Perez, Venezuela

Carlos Pandis

“In one week, Trump has completely erased U.S. values.”

— Carole Missirlian, Lebanon

Cecilia Gonzalez-Andrieu

“We weren't poor or struggling, but my mom had always felt confined in Indonesia, where tradional gender roles were still expected.”

— Chiquita Dineyanti, Indonesia

“It has to be done.”

— Claude, Philippines

“Trump should listen to the American people - not only to those who voted for him.”

— Clement R. Prabakaran, India

“My husband is an honest decent hardworking person with no criminal record! ... How is this legal?”

— Dave Franklin, Husband came from Guatemala

David Reynoso, M.D.,Ph.D.

“I am terrified, as I'm starting to realize how easy the President can strip away my rights, and how callously.”

— Dianna Randolph, Canada


“This is not the America I know.”

— Dr. Julio E. Moreno, El Salvador

“America is and always has been great because (of) the people who risk everything to come here. ... They make America great.”

— Eber Nunez Vargas, Mexico

“I'm married to a U.S. citizen. We have been together for twelve years. We can't sleep at night knowing that we may be separated. How do I live without her?”

— Elba Borja,


“Our president has no clue how difficult it is to obtain a refugee visa. It is a long process!!”

— Elizabeth Banach, Poland

Entesar Ali Ahmed

“America is headed in the right direction.”

— Ernesto Reyes, Philippines

Fabiola Johnson
Fitore Paluca
Gabrielle Greenberg
Gilda (Rodriguez) Stubblefield

“When I arrived at the airport and saw the airport sign of "Exit," I mistook them by the word "Exito," which means that someone is wishing you to prosper in your endevours.”

— Gino Garcia, Colombia

“I endorse it.”

— Henri Welter, Turkey

“Trump seems to be the only president that understand you can't allow anyone to just come here.”

— Jessica Sanchez, Mexico

“It's a temporary thing and we need to know who is coming here.”

— John Bonsoe, Denmark

“Affected countries notwithstanding, not a lot of people know how painstaking the green card application process is.”

— John Liu, China

Jorge Orrantia
José Esteban Arcellana
Juan Diaz-Carreras
Juan Escalante

“My family can no longer visit me anymore since Iran is a mostly Muslim country.”

— Kate, Iran

Khalid Taha
Krishnamoorthy Kadangode Padmanabhan
Laurence McAdamis

“If he tried to pull this with white Jews the systems would not implement it.”

— Lena, Ukraine

“I don't feel safe anymore and I'm very afraid seeing how so many Americans hate immigrants.”

— Lena , Philippines

“Obama ran on CHANGE, eight years later we are finally getting some for the good.”

— Les Copeland, Britain

Leslie Prado

“I am proud to be an American Citizen. I however regret that I didn't do enough to prevent this from happening.”

— Lilia, Ukraine

“As a green card holder I am anxious about my own status and getting into trouble for my views.”

— Lisa Ross, United Kingdom

Long Nguyen

“I was smuggled in under a mattress at 11 years of age.”

— Lu Gonzalez, Mexico

“I have never been afraid of being here I am now. I'm truly terrified with what's going on.”

— M, Mexico

“Do not stay here undocumented and illegally, that's all Mr. Trump is asking for.”

— Maria, Germany

Maria Sanchez

“I'm actually both fearful but also inspired and energized.”

— Marjorie R. Asturias, Philippines

“Since I can not leave USA none of my family members can come here and visit us. It's like I am locked up here.”

— Mary, Iran

“He has a nation to protect, and the executive orders are not made without heavy analysis.”

— Matias Miranda Noriega, Colombia

Mayra Jimenez
Mike Paglinawan

“We need an orderly immigration process. People do need to follow the law.”

— Moira Lumsden Nonnweiler , Zambia, originally South Africa

“Although I was fearful of a Trump presidency, this precipitate action is nevertheless profoundly shocking.”

— Monica Flint, United Kingdom

“America is not the only country in the world for refugees. Besides, this is a temporary measure to assess what is not working.”

— Muthu Kumar, India

“Poorly executed and communicated, but now it's been explained and the initial snafus worked out, seems fair enough. ”

— Nick Goddard, United Kingdom

“I am currently a graduate student at Harvard University. After Trump called all Mexicans that emigrated here rapists and "not the best," I feel like everyday I challenge that.”

— Omar de la Riva, Mexico

Patricia Daza-Luu

“I'm ecstatic Trump won and hope he carries through on his promises.”

— Peter Emile Jonker, The Netherlands

“Trump has committed a grievous error if not a crime by banning entry to America on the basis of religion.”

— Petur Williams, Iceland

“The most beautiful thing about the U.S. was its diversity and willingness to accept everyone no matter who they are and how they are.”

— Priya Kher, India

Rafael Gomez

“This runs against the religious freedom enshrined in the US constitution and the tolerant live-and-let-live spirit of the American people.”

— Ravi Kapadia, India

“I agree there has to be rules for people to immigrate, but Mr. Trump seems to be an extremist to me.”

— Ricardo Castanos, Mexico

Robert Paddock

“We're all for immigration as we are all immigrants. However, ILLEGAL immigration is not acceptable and in our opinion security of this country is a number one priority.”

— Ruffel Galura, Philippines

“I vote, I volunteer, I pay my taxes, I donate to charity and I contribute to my community. I no longer feel like I belong.”

— Sana Ouji, Iran

“Had this ban been in place 30 years ago, I wouldn't be here. Turning away refugees and people trying to attain a better life based on their religion is mind boggling.”

— Sanaz Lavaedian, Iran

“As a veteran, I think I was naive all these years. ... I am pretty angry with the Trump crowd.”

— Sandeep Singh, India

Shanti Pangestu

“Within the blink of an eye, my entire freedom of movement, my multiple entry visa, was reduced to nothingness.”

— Siawosh Eskandari, The Netherlands

Sina Famenini
Stephen Etzine

“Even though we are in a fearful and environment, I am confident that we will overcome all the challenges we face currently.”

— Tadios Belay, Ethiopia

“Neither my family nor I are Muslim or have any friends that are, but how long before we are all affected?”

— Taguhi Arakelian, USSR (Armenia, now an independent country)

“Sad fact is that this racism and xenophobia is an international issue that has no end in sight. False facts and anger have come to rule the norm.”

— Talha Salman, Kuwait/Pakistan

Tam Duong

“I feel people should just come down and let the man take care of all the mess that was brought on from the previous presidency.”

— Violeta Sukiasyan, Armenia

“America is reasserting itself in the world.”

— Wayne, Taiwan

These comments appear as submitted to The Times, with light editing for clarity. These stories have not been independently verified.

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