Record-breaking heat wave hits Burbank with triple-digit temperatures


A heat wave baking the Southland through the weekend began with record-breaking temperatures on Friday throughout the area, including Burbank.

Burbank reached a record high of 113 degrees for the day, breaking the 1976 record of 103 degrees, according to the National Weather Service. Cities that also saw record-breaking heat on Friday included Los Angeles with 106 degrees, Palmdale with 110 degrees and Woodland Hills with 115 degrees.

The high temperatures resulted in the weather service issuing an excessive heat warning that was expected to remain in effect through the end of Saturday.

Several brush fires erupted as a result of the sweltering temperatures, including one that consumed more than 350 acres in San Diego.

Burbank officials urged residents to reduce their time spent outdoors and to seek refuge from the heat. Several sites around the city have been designated as cooling centers during the heat wave including Buena Vista Library, the Town Center Mall and the Joslyn Adult Center.

Riders at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank also readied their horses to deal with the heat by utilizing misters that sprayed cool water, along with large industrial fans.

David Josiah, a trainer at the center, said the horses are exercised earlier in the morning when the temperatures are not so high and breaks are taken more frequently. Horses also have their water intake monitored closely.

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