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Letters to the Editor: Mailbag: Readers defend Schiff in wake of criticism

In the March 30 edition of the Burbank Leader, former Burbank resident Chuck Hawley states in a letter to the editor the accomplishments of our president while criticizing Adam Schiff.

First, the reason jobs have been created is because Trump inherited a strong economy, unlike Obama, who inherited the Great Recession. Yet, Trump is proud to accept the accomplishments of others.

As to the better trade deals, like changing NAFTA, Trump is extolling major benefits from minor changes that are yet to be approved by Congress.

There is not enough space here to go deeply into what Trump has done to destroy my country. Just try to watch another channel to get your talking points.

To defend Adam Schiff regarding the collusion allegation, it is best done by letting him defend himself. Watch his “I Don’t Think it is OK” speech prior to an Intelligence Committee hearing the day the Republicans on the committee asked him to resign. Mr. Schiff is more than adequately able to defend himself.

We have yet to see the Mueller report to make a decision about collusion or even obstruction. Trump supporters are premature to celebrate.

Let me end with a baseball analogy: Trump has hit a single in the first inning, while claiming victory, he has Southern District of New York State Attorney and House Committee hearings still at bat. Wait till the game is over.

Norwood Price



The letter writer (Chuck Hawley) might think it is OK for the president of the United States to be a bully and a liar but I don’t.

What I do think is OK is for someone like Adam Schiff, a person who knows right from wrong and who is concerned with the state of this country — now and in the future — to be in Congress and to represent the citizens of Burbank.

Chris Jacobovitz



That anyone would side with Donald Trump, a coarse, vulgar man who indulges freely in obscene language and name-calling, tells me how far we have sunk as a nation and fallen as individual human beings.

What is especially troubling is the vilification of Rep. Adam Schiff, an honest and decent man who openly opposes the lies and corruption of Trump.

Since the day Trump ascended to the White House, I have never, and will never use the title “president” in front of his name. Instead, I prefer to call him what he really is: “The Pretender in Chief.”

Molly Shore