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Letters to the Editor: Mailbag: Letters defending name of middle school and the efforts of Adam Schiff rebutted

The use of David Starr Jordan as the name of a school is indefensible (“Human beings are complicated,” letter to the editor April 13). Eugenics did not lead to “medical genetics.” Eugenics is a pseudoscience invented to underpin the myth of white supremacy. Atrocities were committed in the name of eugenics in the United States as well as in Nazi Germany.

Anyone suffering from indecision regarding the middle school name change should read Jordan’s published work, available online in facsimile form. Anything positive Jordan managed to accomplish in his life is overshadowed by the hate he propagated.

Nancy Ramseyer




In response to the letter by Nina Sutton on Trump’s taxes (“Trump is hiding something,” April 13), as L.A. Times columnist George Skelton says, “Trump’s taxes: Not our business.”

And to Rep. Adam Schiff: Sir, please stop wasting my tax dollars on your war on Donald Trump.

Tim Elliott


North Hollywood