TimesOC series: Improving healthcare access for Cambodians and Vietnamese

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(My Tien Pham)

Despite a presence of nearly half a century in the United States, Cambodian and Vietnamese American immigrants continue to struggle with social inequities, including access to culturally sensitive physical and mental healthcare. Many are refugees or children of refugees. There are barriers to access, as well as an insufficient amount of bilingual and bicultural providers.

Here is TimesOC freelancer Agnes Constante’s series “Improving Healthcare Access for Cambodians and Vietnamese,” supported by the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism 2020 California Fellowship. The Center’s engagement editor, Danielle Fox, contributed engagement support to this story, including setting up four listening sessions with 46 members of the Cambodian and Vietnamese American communities.

The first story is about barriers to physical healthcare. The second focuses on mental healthcare. The third examines efforts to address the lack of culturally sensitive healthcare access in these communities.

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