Coroner: Doctor’s death still has unknowns

The director of a UC Irvine medical facility died of drowning after blunt-force trauma to her head, but the manner in which she died remains unknown, according to a county coroner’s report.

Dr. Marianne Cinat, 45, was found dead in her pool at her Rossmoor home in June.

Cinat was a prominent Orange County surgeon and served as medical director for the UCI Regional Burn Center in Orange until her death.

The coroner’s report says there were abrasions to Cinat’s forehead and nose, and hemorrhaging at the front and crown of her head. Her lungs were filled with fluid.

Whether her death was an accident, suicide or homicide was not determined from the coroner’s investigation, which was closed Sept. 27.

Cinat was found with an .11% blood alcohol content at the time of her death. The Orange County Register reported Friday that Cinat and a friend had gone out for drinks the evening of June 17.

The next day, the friend found and then pulled Cinat’s body, which was clothed, from the pool. She went to Cinat’s house because the two were supposed to attend a concert together in San Diego, the Register reported.

Cinat, a native of Michigan, was described by friends and family as meticulously attentive with her patients.

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