Corona del Mar Today: Dad, daughter publish book on ‘Price of Liberty’


What began as a common theme in a Corona del Mar student’s college application essays in 2012 became fodder for a just-published book about the U.S. government and Constitution.

“Vigilance: The Price of Liberty” was released nationally in late September, but Megan Zwerling, who co-authored the book with her father, said it began two years ago when she was a senior at Corona del Mar High School.

“I had this newfound love of history” after taking an advanced placement U.S. history class, she said.

Zwerling also knew she wanted to work in the healthcare industry.

When two college applications asked for essays about the biggest issues she’d face in her future, Zwerling wrote about how government regulations have affected the healthcare industry and medical advances.

“I was looking forward to working for this dream about how I might own a biotech company some day, but has government become too large and too opaque for me to do any good?” she said.

The essays turned into a senior project as she and her father, Robert, discussed her research.

“I had my parents read the essays so many times to make sure the grammar was all correct,” she said. “He said we should write a book, and I said, ‘Ha ha.’”

He didn’t let go of the idea, however. By the time they were driving across country to the University of South Carolina, where Zwerling is now a junior studying biomedical engineering, she figured out that her dad was serious.

“We talked about it the entire trip,” she said. “By the end, we had a schedule and I thought, ‘We’re really doing this.’”

In the beginning, Zwerling said, they each took a turn writing a chapter, comparing notes and talking every Sunday morning about their progress.

Eventually, she said, they reorganized the book, combining their work.

According to the Holt Publishing website, the book “is about liberty and how it is tied to our prosperity.”

“Unless we become vigilant, know the Constitution and demand a well-managed government, then the American dream will die with the next generation,” the website states. “This book guides the reader through a working knowledge of the Constitution, analyzes the social and economic problems that stem from political corruption, and provides seven solutions to save America.”

Zwerling said the ideal audience for the book is high school students heading to college.

“This impacts everyone, no matter your major,” she said. “If you live in the United States, if you’re American, this is for you. If you’re 18 to 25, you’re the ones who are going to fix this. If you’re older, you can understand how things have changed.”

Corona del Mar High School history teacher Laura Mayberry was “over the moon” about Zwerling’s success.

“She has had a strong sense of purpose and community,” Mayberry said. “She cares a great deal about the future of the United States and its continued success.”

Zwerling said she has been in contact with Newport Beach library officials to organize a book event when she is home from school. She has also arranged a book signing at a coffee shop in Columbia, South Carolina.

The book is available online.


El Cholo to open next month

The El Cholo restaurant, which will replace Landmark Steakhouse, now has a December opening date, according to the company’s website.

Last spring, company officials said they planned to open in late September or October.

El Cholo’s website states that the restaurant at 5465 Alton Parkway will close in November after 15 years in Irvine. The new location is 3520 East Coast Hwy., Corona del Mar.

A company spokesman did not respond to emails seeking further information.


Holiday boutique to benefit cheer team

A holiday boutique will be held on the Corona del Mar High School campus from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Nov. 15 to raise money for the middle school cheer team.

The sale will feature jewelry, hostess gifts, candles, wreathes, women’s clothing, items for kids, accessories and more. Cookie Lee Jewelry, Heather Pullis Designs, Christina Favreau Jewelry Design, Monkey Baby Clothes, Stella & Dot and Scentsy Candles will be represented.

Refreshments will be available for purchase.

Vendor spots are still open. For more information, call Elaine Greengard at (714) 342-7622.

Harbor View Elementary School traditionally held a holiday boutique fundraiser every December, but parent volunteers decided to focus on other fundraisers instead about three years ago, said Mindy Froehlich, former president of the Harbor View Elementary School Parent Faculty Organization.

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