Neighborhood goes on post-Halloween litter patrol


Residents of a Newport Beach neighborhood annually beset by Halloween litter turned out Saturday afternoon for their first Port Streets HallowClean to clean up candy wrappers from the community’s greenbelt.

The neighborhood south of Ford Road — officially called Harbor View but known by its residents as “Port Streets” because nearly all the street names start with “Port” — is a “very popular place to trick-or-treat. The next day, the greenbelt park area that runs through our neighborhood is an absolute mess,” resident Carol Lewis said in an email.

So Cub Scout Pack 333 of Andersen Elementary School led Saturday’s day-after-Halloween cleanup.


Lewis said the neighborhood decided to do the pickup because when the city mows the city-owned greenery after Halloween, discarded wrappers “get ground up to little bits. Some of the wrappers blow under bushes, some blow into the streets and get swept up by the street sweepers .... It all eventually goes away — just not at once.”

—Rob Vardon