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Photo Gallery: H.B. family buys house in Massachusetts with ties to witch trials

The home dubbed the “John Proctor house,” on Lowell Street in Peabody, Mass., is believed to have been built by Thorndike Proctor, a son of John Proctor, who was hanged in 1692 after being convicted of witchcraft in the Salem witch trials.

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Barbara Bridgewater and her husband, Christopher Mendez, of Huntington Beach, pictured with daughter Catherine, bought the “John Proctor house,” an 18th-century home in Peabody, Mass., with ties to the Salem witch trials, for $600,000.

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A plaque that used to hang on the outside of the “John Proctor house” says “Downing Proctor House and Tavern” and states the land was leased by John Proctor and that he was a victim of witchcraft delusion.

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The chocolate-brown house in Peabody, Mass., bought by Barbara Bridgewater and Christopher Mendez of Huntington Beach features six bedrooms and seven fireplaces.

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The Peabody Historical Society and Museum believes the “John Proctor house” in Peabody, Mass., was built by Proctor’s son Thorndike in 1726. 

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