Mailbag: Customers can be proud of Mesa Water


Mesa Water operates a water district of which our customers and community members can be proud.

Our residents and water users expect, deserve and receive safe, high-quality water from an efficient, financially sound and transparent agency.

As one of the most efficient water districts in Orange County, Mesa Water has the lowest annual expenditures, at $230 per capita, of any water district in the region. Mesa Water’s revenues are solely from water sales. The district does not receive property taxes, as many other districts do.


Mesa Water is financially strong and transparent. With constant news of California cities and other government agencies in financial trouble or facing bankruptcy, it is comforting to know that Mesa Water is financially stable and responsible, as evidenced by the district’s AAA bond rating and appropriate reserve levels.

We recently completed a $20-million, two-year project to make Mesa Water 100% reliant on locally sourced water. Furthermore, thanks to our AAA rating, we were able to finance the project at the lowest interest available, saving ratepayers money.

Mesa Water analyzes more than 30,000 water quality samples annually to ensure that the water provided by the district is clean, safe and meets or surpasses all state and federal water-quality standards. The 2013 Water Quality Report is available at or from our office.

Replacing distant water supplies that travel hundreds of miles to get to our customers’ homes with 100% local water supplies has the added benefit of reducing Mesa Water’s energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, thus decreasing the district’s carbon footprint by more than half of what it used to be.

In summary, Mesa Water works well under the visionary leadership of past and present boards, as well as strong management and talented staff, in its dedication to satisfying our community’s water needs.

James R. Fisler

President, Mesa Water District Board of Directors

Costa Mesa


Abortion decision

I have lived in the area for 34 years and have always thought that Hoag Hospital was the best — best facilities, best staff, best doctors, best location. No longer! How can you abandon women who need abortions when they and their doctors agree that’s the step for the woman, for whatever reason.

The Catholic Church can preach whatever it believes is right. Of course, the people in charge are all men who will never know what it’s like to be pregnant or know the desperation some women feel because of poverty, never know what it’s like to be raped, never know the heartache of carrying a baby who will not be viable when it’s born.

I don’t want the Holy Roman Church to make decisions for me and my four daughters. We are able to make important decisions concerning our lives without their help. We consult our doctors and hopefully they help us with compassion and generosity of spirit.

We women will stand together to protect our rights and have our needs met. I’m so disappointed!

Joan Allen

Newport Beach