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Newport dominant in first round

COSTA MESA — When Newport Elementary stepped on the field at the Costa Mesa Farm Complex, the team of third- and fourth-grade girls saw a 5-foot-4 10-year-old.

Andersen’s Kendall Kipp is tall for her age. Only her 6-8 father Harry stood out more, and he was on the sideline coaching.

Kendall started at goalkeeper Tuesday. With her height and range, getting a goal past her appeared difficult.

Seven minutes into the match, the other coach’s daughter figured a way to get one past Kendall. Lexi Burke shot the ball low, giving Newport the momentum early en route to a 2-1 victory on the opening day of the Daily Pilot Cup.


Newport dominated most of the 50-minute match. The defense allowed no shots on goal in the first half.

Coach Greg Burke pulled his starting goalkeeper because she did not see much action.

But Andersen went to work two minutes into the second half, almost tying the match up. Ivy Helman’s shot went wide left.

Seven minutes later, Brooke Hourigan’s shot crossed the goal line in the 34th minute, as Newport jumped ahead, 2-0.


“They did a really good job,” Burke said of his players distributing the ball. “We have a couple of club players on the team.”

That was evident on the field as Newport had the better shape. Andersen still battled. Paige Langedale almost cut the deficit in half, but her shot hit the right post. In the final minute, Andersen ended Newport’s shutout bid when Diana LaBruna got to a rebound and scored.

“Very happy to have them finish up strong like that, have a good goal, and they will be ready for Thursday,” said Harry, unsure who Andersen played next.

It is understandable why Harry did not know Andersen plays Our Lady Queen of Angels on Thursday. He became the coach at the last minute. The job is worth it to Harry.

“Having the girls, so they can have a good time and just enjoy playing with each other,” Harry said is why he is coaching.

His daughter went down with an injury after he moved to the field. He said she was fine and just twisted an ankle.