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Moms helping out

There are lockouts on the NFL and the NBA, but that doesn’t mean the pros’ mothers can’t mix it up in the meantime.

There will be a flag football game of NFL moms against NBA moms Friday night at Tustin High. There will also be a preseason conference event for the Professional Football Players Mothers Assn. Saturday night at the Hyatt Regency Newport.

The mothers have coordinated the events to raise money for Talk About Curing Autism and at-risk youth programs. Information on the events can be found at

“There is no lockout here, that’s for sure,” said Cheryl Foster, the mother of DeShaun Foster.


Cheryl’s son, who was a former Carolina Panthers running back, doesn’t play in the NFL anymore, but she still wants to help raise money for charity. DeShaun also played at UCLA and starred at Tustin High.

Cheryl is a co-chair of the PFPMA. She said she is happy to return to her son’s roots for worthy causes.

DeShaun is working in construction and real estate, Cheryl said. The Fosters also help build hope and help for charity.

“There is more to DeShaun than just playing football,” Cheryl said. “He had a pretty good career when he played. He’s happy now with his work and he has passion to work with kids. You know, when your time is up, it’s up. We started preparing for life after football from Day One.”


DeShaun uses his Foster 26 Foundation to help the community. He recently held a charity basketball game at Tustin, Cheryl said.

Now comes a flag football game for the PFPMA. Cheryl said, last year the NBA moms challenged the NFL moms to a basketball game for charity. This year it was the NFL moms’ turn to choose the game, and they also chose Orange County.

Wilma McNabb, the mother of NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb, is the coach of the NFL moms. Shaquille O’Neal’s mother, Lucille, will be the coach for the NBA moms.

Donovan McNabb doesn’t have much to do these days. He’s expected to be at the events Friday and Saturday. Derek Fisher has some free time on his hands too. The Los Angeles Lakers guard is expected to be there to support his mother, as are NFL quarterback Vince Young and Keary Colbert, a former USC wide receiver who has played in the NFL.

On Saturday at the Hyatt Regency in Newport Beach, there will be a mothers and sons fashion show. There will also be a dinner and live and silent auctions. They’ll celebrate their charities, but the NFL players hope to party for another reason as there appears to be hope for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The pros’ moms are not concerned with lockouts this weekend. They just want to help TACA and at-risk youth programs.

“It’s more than just a good time,” Cheryl said. “It’s just good to see all the moms coming together, reaching out to help TACA and at-risk youth. It shows people that there are people out there who really care and they are willing to make a difference.”