High School Football Highlights: GAMEBUSTERS

(High school football plays of 30 yards or more)

74 – Talalelei Teaupa (Newport Harbor) touchdown run

73 – Levi Stillman (Estancia) interception return for touchdown

69 – Quest Truxton (Newport Harbor) kickoff return

67 – Robert Murtha (Estancia) touchdown run

55 – Quest Truxton (Newport Harbor) TD pass from Cole Norris

48 – Grif Amies (Corona del Mar) field goal

46 – Grif Amies (Corona del Mar) field goal

39 – Markiece Traylor (Costa Mesa) TD pass from Noah JeyaRajah

39 – Quinten Bell (Costa Mesa) interception return

34 – Oronde Crenshaw (Costa Mesa) touchdown run

33 – Landon Gyulay (Newport Harbor) pass from Cole Norris

31 – Talalelei Teaupa (Newport Harbor) run

31 – Robert Murtha (Estancia) kickoff return

30 – Markiece Traylor (Costa Mesa) kickoff return


NEWPORT HARBOR – Senior lineman Andrew Williams recovers a fumble on the Sailors' 36 … Junior tackle Ramsey Hufford stops tailback for a three-yard loss … Senior defensive back Derek Kula almost intercepts a pass … Senior linebacker Marty Taylor stuffs quarterback keeper for a one-yard loss … Taylor tackles tailback at the line of scrimmage … Senior lineman Armani Johnson drops ballcarrier for a one-yard loss … Taylor halts a run for no gain … Junior cornerback Quest Truxton breaks up a pass.

COSTA MESA – Junior linebacker Oronde Crenshaw recovers a fumble ... Senior Erick Diaz recovers a fumble on a kickoff ... Tight coverage from senior safety Markiece Traylor causes an incompletion ... Senior tackle Jonathan Elias brings down ballcarrier from behind for no gain .... Elias strips the ball, causing a fumble that Crenshaw recovers ... Senior linebackers Rudy Aguirre and Noah JeyaRajah stuff a run for no gain ... Senior tackle Oscar Reyes produces a one-yard sack on fourth down ... Senior end Jose Villalpondo and Elias combine on a one-yard sack ... Junior cornerback Quinten Bell returns an interception 39 yards.

CORONA DEL MAR – Senior end Tim Reinhardt stuffs tailback at the line of scrimmage … Senior kicker Grif Amies and junior Luke Napolitano make touchdown-saving tackle on a kickoff return … Senior lineman Devin Trejo produces an eight-yard sack … Reinhardt tips a pass at the line of scrimmage … Sophomore linebacker Robbie Hoffman stops a screen pass for an eight-yard loss … Hoffman strips tailback to force a fumble … Trejo hits running back for a three-yard loss … Senior cornerback Ryan Griffin breaks up a pass … Griffin almost intercepts a pass inside CdM's 10-yard line.

ESTANCIA – Senior kicker Dan Cabrera recovers an onside kick … Senior linebacker Colby Koste deflects a pass ... Senior defensive back Edwin Medero almost intercepts a tipped pass … Medero almost picks off a pass … Koste delivers a big hit … Senior cornerback Levi Stillman returns an interception 73 yards for a touchdown … Koste halts a run for a one-yard loss … Junior linebacker Jackson Letterman intercepts a pass near the red zone and returns it five yards … Koste stops a run on a fake punt short of the first down ... Senior lineman Jose Toledo recovers a fumble … Stillman intercepts a pass, setting up the offense on the opponent's 19.

SAGE HILL – Senior nose tackle Thomas Fenner stuffs a run for a two-yard loss ... Fenner nearly sacks the quarterback, before combining with junior linebacker Will Burns to stop the scramble for no gain and force a punt ... Junior lineman Jack Bick leads a host of Lightning tacklers to stop a run for a three-yard loss.

— From staff reports

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