Leigh Steinberg to make comeback amid three years of sobriety, AP reports

Leigh Steinberg, a Daily Pilot columnist, was profiled by the Associated Press and revealed he is working to relaunch his sports agency, based in Newport Beach, as well as other projects, "including an autobiography and his continuing crusade to raise awareness of the damaging effects of concussions."

Steinberg, who turns 64 next week, will celebrate his sober birthday Thursday, the story said, a big milestone, after battling alcoholism with vodka as his main drink.

"I wanted to focus on sobriety first so I absolutely could make sure I had an intelligent plan to deal with it," Steinberg told the AP in a phone interview from his office in Newport Beach.

"I continue to be a work in progress. You don't get cured from alcoholism. It's a lifelong condition, but with diligence, you can stop from drinking. Once it's in your brain, it's not like, 'OK, I've been sober for three years, I can start drinking again.' "

Steinberg, who experienced rehab and filed for bankruptcy, says he will attempt to regain certification from the NFL Players Assn. to return as a sports agent.

It appears he could just retire from sports representation, since he could make enough money from speaking engagements, his upcoming book, writing for Forbes.com and other outlets, and teaching law classes at local colleges, including UC Irvine.

But Steinberg doesn't want to retire just yet.

"I still get fulfillment and gratitude in helping young men realize their dreams," said Steinberg, who represented players such as Troy Aikman, Steve Young, Warren Moon, Bruce Smith, Howie Long, Derrick Thomas and Ben Roethlisberger, the story said. "I think the concept of role-modeling and a focus on second careers never goes out of style. And I haven't noticed the field of representation is greatly improved."

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— Steve Virgen

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