Estancia wins All-Sports Cup again

COSTA MESA — John Ursini presented the All-Sports Cup to Estancia High for the fourth straight year and went with some David Letterman style to create some laughs Thursday morning.

The Eagles were all smiles when they celebrated their trophy, which was created by Costa Mesa United. They've won it all four years the reward has been in existence. The All-Sports Cup is the prize to the winner of the rivalry between Estancia and Costa Mesa. Points are earned throughout the year from the rivalry matchups in the sports.

Estancia earned 15 points for its football win against the Mustangs. Coincidentally, the Eagles won that game, 15-13. Other sports produce five points for the win.

During an assembly in Estancia's gym, Ursini gave the top 10 reasons why the All-Sports Cup remained with Estancia for the fourth straight year. Ursini, the owner of Newport Rib Company, also said there would be a luncheon catered at the school on Tuesday.

What was on the Top 10 list Ursini delivered?

No. 10. Robert Murtha.

No. 9. Estancia's Rowdy Rooters are much rowdier than the Mustangs.

No. 8. Estancia's principal can beat up Costa Mesa's principal.

No. 7. Estancia's golf teams figured out it's better to have a low score in golf and Mesa still thinks the most strokes win.

No. 6. Estancia's baseball and softball teams know how to sweep the field of Mustang residue. (Estancia swept Costa Mesa in both sports.)

No. 5. Estancia's athletes know what to do with all the nets. Put it over the net in volleyball and tennis and in the net for soccer and basketball.

No. 4. Jim Scott, Jim Scott Jr. and the Scott family are Eagles.

No. 3. Estancia football coach Mike Bargas and his coaching staff teach the right way to win.

No. 2. The Eagles love BBQ more than the Mustangs.

No. 1. The All-Sports Cup thinks Estancia is its permanent nesting place, and who are we to mess with the mighty Eagles of Estancia High School?

Perhaps the top 10 list can also serve as bulletin board material for the Mustangs.

Tim Parsel, the Estancia boys' athletic director, believes Costa Mesa is capable of turning the tables.

"When we first got the Cup I don't think any school expected that one school would win it four times in a row," Parsel said. "But we've just had a good run. It puts pressure on us to win another one. I think Mesa is about ready to turn the corner. They seem ready. They have good young athletes. It's going to be a barnburner next year."

Parsel honored sports teams during Thursday's assembly that celebrated the school's seniors.

Parsel reminded the students the Estancia sports teams that captured Orange Coast League titles during the school year, including girls' golf, girls' basketball, girls' soccer, boys' golf and boys' tennis.

Those who were given the Estancia Honorary Service Award were also recognized for their support of athletics and other school activities.

They are: Donna Swift, Greg Ridge, Brad Hartwell, Kirk Bauermeister, the school's principal, and assistant principal Mike Sciacca.

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