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You can still adopt a family for the holidays: Here are more, and here’s how

Volunteers sort fruits and vegetables during a Share Our Selves food drive in Costa Mesa.
(File photo / Daily Pilot)

This holiday season marks the 46th year of Share Our Selves’ annual Adopt A Family program, a tradition that helps struggling Orange County families by providing gifts and food for the holidays.

Since the beginning of the program, more than 47,000 families have been adopted. This year, the Adopt A Family program will connect donors with more than 1,600 families recommended by Costa Mesa and Santa Ana organizations and schools.

To participate, SOS asks that donors agree to provide each child in the family with at least two new gifts and the family with a complete holiday dinner (or grocery gift cards) or provide just gifts.

Wednesday is the last day to adopt a family. To do so, note the family’s number and call to say which family you would like to adopt.


The SOS Adopt A Family program can be reached at (949) 270-2187 or


SOS provided the Daily Pilot with information about the following families:




This little boy was adopted by his grandparents before he entered kindergarten. The grandparents also care for their 40-year-old son who they said is a war veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The grandparents are elderly and struggle to provide for the family. They will be grateful for whatever they receive.

Boy, 6: Target gift card for shoes, pants, shirts; a soccer ball; Legos

Adult uncle: A Target gift card or shirts and pants

Grandmother: A blouse, pants, kitchen towels, a Target gift card

Grandfather: Pants, socks, a shirt, or a Target gift card




This family lost their mother to cancer in July. The father lost his job when his wife became very ill, and now only receives Social Security. He is struggling to find someone who can care for the girls while he looks for work.

Dad’s special requests are quite simple: just a few items of clothing, a grocery store gift card, and maybe a little Christmas tree to decorate. With the loss of wife and mother so recent, this little family could use a bit of joy during the holidays.

Girl, 2: A doll house, a baby stroller, a pony toy, winter clothes, and anything Disney-related

Girl, 5: An Elsa from Frozen plush toy, winter clothes, pants, and anything from Frozen

Father: Pants, a shirt, a jacket, a belt, a toaster, a fan, movie tickets so he can take the girls, restaurant gift cards, grocery store gift cards, a Christmas tree and decorations to make Christmas a little merrier.




This little family has very little. Mom is a single parent of two girls and currently unemployed. She lives with her daughters in a hotel, which puts a huge financial strain on their limited resources. There is no money for a trip to the zoo or a museum, something Mom would like to provide for the girls.

She requests gift cards for movies and restaurants, plus a few kitchen supplies. The girls need shoes and winter clothes. And, of course, every 5- and 8-year-old should have a new doll. Baby Alive seems to be their favorite.

Girl, 5: A scooter, a Baby Alive doll, a gift card for shoes, winter clothing, pants

Girl, 8: A Baby Alive doll, arts and crafts supplies, an Easy Bake Oven, a gift card for shoes, winter clothes, pants, any type of educational toy

Mother: A movie gift card, restaurant gift cards, a queen-size sleeping bag, dishes, silverware, tickets to educational trips like the zoo, museums, etc.



This little family has suffered a great deal this past year. Grandpa, their father figure, passed away in May, Mom battled cancer, and although it is in remission, she is unable to work. As a result, until recently, they were homeless. Once in a home, they found it broken into not once, but twice.

Their only mode of transportation is an old bicycle. Please consider granting their wishes for two new bikes, with helmets and locks, if at all possible. Warm clothing would also be greatly appreciated. A grocery store gift card will allow them to purchase the food they will enjoy.

Girl, 9: Anything related to Michael Jackson and music, a bicycle with a basket in purple or red, books, winter clothes in pink, red or purple, shoes

Boy, 17: Anything related to music or photography

Mother: Stretch blouses and pants, a king-size bed set, bicycle with a basket, Food4Less gift card



Mom was diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago. Soon after her diagnosis, the family lost their home and now they rent half a house. Dad works the graveyard shift as a driver for the Orange County Register, so he is able to help out around the house during the day. He loves to spend time with his little daughter, playing games, going for walks, and helping her learn to ride a bike.

Mom’s illness is getting progressively worse. She was recently released from the hospital and is resting at home. She has refused to undergo any more chemotherapy so she has little chance of recovery. Dad has begun to live a healthier lifestyle in order to be a better support system for his wife and daughter.

A few special toys would brighten their holiday. A gift certificate to either Food4Less or Superior Grocer would also be welcome.

Girl, 6: Anything related to Disney princesses, a Mickey Mouse toy, her favorite color is pink and her favorite cartoon is Chavo del 8

Mother: Spanish-language self-help books

Father: Card games, gift cards to Food4Less and Superior Grocer



This family’s 7-year-old girl is a special-needs child who is wheelchair-bound and requires constant care. Her mother is there to provide that care, and thus unable to work outside the home. The father is employed, but only earns enough to scrape by.

The family’s wish list is minimal: gift cards for clothing, shoes and gas. The 13-year-old girl would probably love selecting her own gift items. Their youngest would love to receive a colorful toy or two.

Girl, 7: A gift card to Target for clothes, a gift card to Shoe Warehouse, colorful toys (she is just learning about these!)

Girl, 13: Gift cards for clothes and shoes

Adult male dependent: A gift card to Target or Walmart for clothing

Mother: Gift cards for gas, Target, Walmart or Northgate

Father: Gift cards for gas, Target, Walmart or Northgate



Mom works 40 hours a week at minimum wage to support her family of four. She must provide child care for her children while working, which leaves very little money for the basic necessities. Additionally, one of her three sons is autistic and requires special care and treatment. As a single parent, Mom is stretched very thin. Financially, she could use some positive reinforcement during the holidays.

Shoes, clothes and groceries are basics that you can provide by giving gift cards. The children would love to receive a small toy or two.

Boy, 8: Minecraft toys and Minecraft games for Xbox, clothes and shoes from Sears

Boy, 9: Anything related to Ninja Turtles, a bike, clothes and shoes from JC Penney

Boy, 13: Anything related to WWF or Michael Jackson, clothes and shoes from JC Penney

Mother: Would like a gently used or inexpensive tablet, clothes and shoes from Shoe City or JC Penney, a gift card to Stater Bros.

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