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All-Area Girls’ Volleyball Player of the Year: Lund was tower of strength for Flintridge Sacred Heart

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6 collectives to curate, exhibit contemporary art


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  • Mailbag: It's time to put a stop to SRIs

    Motorists, pedestrians and beloved pets, including horses, are in grave danger of being needlessly injured or killed by numerous speeding reckless idiots (SRIs) in Burbank who are recklessly driving 10 to 40 mph above posted speed limits on busy and neighborhood side streets. Rare are those who...

  • Mailbag: Protest against an 'unenforceable' rule

    My thanks to The Leader for mentioning my struggle for the right to walk my bicycle across the publicly owned Mariposa Bridge in your top 10 local stories of 2016. I decided to test the new ordinance banning bikes from the bridge, which Burbank City Atty. Amy Albano told the City Council would...

  • Mailbag: Merry Christmas from an agnostic

    There were some relatively long-winded responses to the In Theory column, "When a greeting becomes grating." "Merry Christmas" is a holiday greeting. Christmas is a well established holiday and "merry" means enjoy. It is not proselyting but a simple display of good wishes for the day and the season....

  • Mailbag: Gratitude toward trash collectors

    When I was growing up in rural Texas in the 1950s, we had to burn our own trash in a barrel. It wasn't fun — the fire had to be stoked to keep it going. When the barrel filled up with things that wouldn't burn, it had to be taken to the landfill and emptied. Now that process is like magic. You...


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