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Burbank Leader

Music Review: Folk musician Kweskin slated to perform at Coffee Gallery

Legendary folk singer-guitarist Jim Kweskin is more than a bit of an anomaly. Active at the fertile dawn of the early '60s East Coast folk revival movement, Kweskin, who appears Saturday at Altadena's Coffee Gallery Backstage, took a musical route quite contrary to the prevailing methodology of...



Dining Review: New eateries enhance the Galleria experience


  • Letter: Local equestrians go after bicyclists over Burbank bridge

    Letter: Local equestrians go after bicyclists over Burbank bridge

    Last month I wrote a letter, published in the Leader, thanking our City Council for voting 5-0 on a compromise measure Dec. 14 to have the Mariposa Street Bridge continue to be open to all, including pedestrians pushing or carrying bicycles. Little did I dream that immediately afterward the local...

  • Letter: God and guns fill the Forum page

    I found it interesting and somewhat amusing that the Forum section of the Leader on Saturday, Jan. 23, was so completely devoted to religion. The religion of football and the view of God with a gun in Charlie Hebdo. It puts me in mind of the classic country song “Drop Kick Me Jesus Through the...

  • Letter: Burbank Coordinating Council is starting strong in 2016

    Burbank Coordinating Council is busy already in this wonderful new year. Our next meeting will be held on Monday, Feb.1, at Little White Chapel, 1711 N. Avon St., from noon to 1:30 p.m. It is a luncheon and meeting with our speaker, JC Holt from Burbank YMCA. Cost is $10 for lunch. Reservations...

  • Letter: An important step toward awareness

    January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. It’s a month to elevate awareness of this local/global horrific abuse of humanity. It is also a month for cities to take a public stand to eradicate potential avenues of harm to their residents. It’s an opportunity to be a voice for those who have no...