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A Word, Please: An expert has her not-so-secret source

A Word, Please: An expert has her not-so-secret source

Wouldn't it be nice to have your own grammar concierge? Anytime you needed help writing something, anytime you needed a bet settled, anytime you were just curious about a language issue, you could call an expert for answers. Your information valet would have so much experience studying grammar...


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  • Mailbag: Police issues are serious

    We Burbank Police Officers Assn. Board of Directors have read Mr. Gunn's opinion letter to the Leader and find his comments very disturbing. Quite frankly, we would expect a more professional, articulated response from someone who is a retired law enforcement commander and a former police commissioner....

  • Mailbag: Condolences and praise

    For everybody who has a relative in law enforcement or knows somebody in law enforcement and for those citizens who respects the job officers do, we know July 7 marked a very sad day in law enforcement. We cannot imagine the grief the officers in the Dallas Police Department must be feeling. Our...

  • Mailbag: Readers weigh in on gun control, police unions and Trump

    Is Trump trending downward? Donald Trump is another Bernie — Bernie Madoff, that is. Just like Madoff, Trump is a con man, a downright crook (think Trump University), but he's even more than Madoff. Trump is an egotistical madman who cannot stand up to scrutiny. And that is what will be his downfall....

  • Mailbag: A final move for SAG/AFTRA

    On New Year's Day 2017, all who work in front of the camera will celebrate an amazing milestone in their profession: actors will officially have one healthcare plan. There will be no more split earnings. All earnings on all jobs will go to one healthcare plan. Finally, after a long and difficult...

  • Op-Ed: Congress must stand up to the NRA

    Op-Ed: Congress must stand up to the NRA

    I've had enough. How long are we to keep going from mass shooting to mass shooting without something changing? I thought that the movie theater mass killing in Aurora, Colo., would shock the nation's conscience. Twelve were killed and more than 50 injured in only seven minutes during a showing...

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  • Leader Editorial: Pride in our district's influence

    Across the U.S., children whose interests might not otherwise be heard may now have stronger voices, thanks to the National PTA's recent adoption of four resolutions, two of which had their genesis right here in Burbank. Delegates to the organization's June 30 through July 3 convention in Orlando,...

  • Editorial: Saluting local efforts for homeless veterans

    Editorial: Saluting local efforts for homeless veterans

    As we report today, the 11-unit Burbank Veteran Bungalows opened late last month, offering hope to some local vets who were grappling with homelessness, among other weighty issues. NEWSLETTER: Get the latest 818 headlines straight to your inbox >> With the help of New Directions, which offers social...

  • A note to our readers about digital access

    Digital subscriptions start at $1 a week.

  • Editorial: Express bus line may be the ticket

    As is true across our country, the vast majority of area residents who commute to work do so in privately owned cars. In hopes of coaxing more locals out from behind the wheel and into public transportation, Metropolitan Transit Authority this week launched a $2.1-million, 180-day trial of the...

  • Leader Editorial: Bicyclists may get a bridge of their own

    Now that equestrians in Burbank's Rancho area have successfully convinced the City Council that the Mariposa Street bridge must be essentially kept to their exclusive use, a new proposal has been made to assuage bicyclists who would like to have equal access to Griffith Park. To whit, the city...


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In Theory: Should the Johnson Amendment be repealed?

In Theory: Should the Johnson Amendment be repealed?

The new Republican Platform calls for the repeal of the "Johnson Amendment," a tax law passed in 1954 that prohibits tax-exempt organizations, including churches, from political organizing, TIME reports. The law was pushed by then-Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson and other members of Congress to cut off...