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  • In Theory: Does PETA twist doctrine when it equates animal rights to human rights?

    A recent Washington Post article about efforts by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to persuade Episcopalian churches from cooking lobsters inspired a number of comments regarding religion. Readers made reference to chapters in Genesis, claimed the animal-rights group has become the “Westboro...

  • In Theory: A company’s location could affect its ability to get a loan

    A study of American corporate culture finds the ability to receive loans can be influenced by the religiosity of a company’s location, Forbes reports. “Firms in higher-religiosity counties have higher credit ratings and lower debt costs,” the study claims, further suggesting that lenders take into...

  • Should controversial monuments be allowed to stand?

    In the midst of strong debate over the removal of historic statues deemed offensive by some members of the public, vandals in August painted the word “murder” on a statue of California Mission founder Junipero Serra in the Mission Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. The recent incident was not the...

  • Does religious freedom extend to the use of pot?

    A shootout at a Northern California Rastafarian pot farm has brought new focus on the criminal prosecution of religious observers who use marijuana, despite the drug’s recent legalization in the state, an article published in High Times reports. “Religious organizations throughout California have...

  • Does God choose the powers that be?

    In the wake of controversial comments made by President Trump in response to ongoing events in North Korea, an evangelical adviser to the president released a statement that argues, “God has endowed rulers full power to use whatever means necessary — including war — to stop evil.” Citing the biblical...

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