The Wharf’s crawfish macaroni and cheese brings luxury to new-wave Asian Cajun

Crayfish, crawfish or crawdaddies — no matter what you call the juice-filled freshwater lobsters — they’re a popular by-the-pound order at the dozens of Vietnamese-owned seafood boil spots across Orange County.

Problem is, who wants to go through all the trouble of cracking them open just to redeem a toe-size morsel of buttery tail meat? Especially when The Wharf — a new-wave Asian Cajun in downtown Garden Grove — will do the hard work for you and then throw a hearty helping of it into a skillet with gooey gruyere and pasta shells like you’ve always been deserving of such luxury?

The Wharf, which celebrated a year in May, reflects not only a new beginning for the beleaguered old town Garden Grove, but a much-needed update on its played-out Vietnamese fusion genre.

With a full bar, hot pot, oysters and other Vietnamese seafood dishes, the Asian Cajun concept is made new again.

The Wharf is at 12941 Main St., Garden Grove. For more information, call (714) 530-1388 or visit

SARAH BENNETT is a freelance journalist covering food, drink, music, culture and more. She is the former food editor at L.A. Weekly and a founding editor of Beer Paper L.A. Follow her on Twitter @thesarahbennett.


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