Mailbag: It's one way to pay the rent

Regarding Dave Hansen's recent column in the Coastline Pilot, if Soon Chey's panhandling activities are legal, and there's nothing anybody can do about her, I'm ready to cash in the five jobs I'm currently working to keep up with Laguna Beach rent after 45 years of good citizenship, rent myself a wheelchair and have a seat in the abundance river on Forest Avenue.

And I can name at least four other longtime residents who have had to leave town who might also be interested in such a comfy and profitable gig.


I figure a per-night take in the likely hundreds is pretty good "wages." And I'd bring my own potty!

Jheri St. James
Laguna Beach


MCDC reduced assessments

Thank you for the well-written article "Treasurer and city clerk seek reelection" (July 15). It was a nice reminder that there are elected positions in Laguna Beach for residents who want to serve the public.

In addition to managing the investments and tracking city funds (banking) and Laguna hotels for transient occupancy tax collection purposes, I also have had the responsibility of managing the assessment districts' financial matters, including bond administration.

Since 1999, I have managed the financial matters for 26 assessment districts. This became a critical responsibility because of the 2014 Securities and Exchange Commission's Municipal Continuing Disclosure Cooperation initiative (MCDC), requiring that municipalities conduct a review of public securities and the continuing disclosures. The assessment district bonds were public securities.

To make a long story short, the City Council voted to have Laguna Beach participate in the favorable terms offered in the MCDC. By refinancing the district bonds, the homeowners' assessments decreased. The annual saving per assessment district home is relatively small and varies by district, but collectively homeowners will save more than $1.3 million over the remaining term of their assessments.

Laura Parisi
Laguna Beach city treasurer