Steinberg: Leigh Steinberg's Agent Academy comes to Newport Beach May 21

The field of sports has become the No. 1 career choice for students at high school and college, and business and law school. I am flooded with requests every day from students as young as 12 and experienced businessmen as old as 70 for information as to how to enter the field.

"How do I get started? What should I study? What are the requirements?"


Although majors in Sports Marketing and Management and courses in sports law are offered at many universities, business and law school, they tend to be theoretical and offer little in the way of practical experience.

To fill this need I developed a one-day seminar experience which has been held across the country called an Agent Academy.


The latest session will be held May 21 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at our offices on West Coast Highway in Newport Beach.

The goal is to train a new generation of ethical, talented sports agents and professionals equipped to succeed. Specific skills like negotiating, recruiting, branding, marketing, damage control will be emphasized in a small, personal setting.

These are skills essential for agentry, but equally applicable to working for a team, a league, an athletic department, a players' association or in marketing or sports television.

Our COO Chris Cabott will also teach.

This is an opportunity for you or someone you know to jump-start a career in this growing field.

We are offering this first to the Newport-Mesa, Irvine community.

Please check out our website, or call Andrew Woodward at (949) 270-2777 for information.

LEIGH STEINBERG is a renowned sports agent, author, advocate, speaker and humanitarian. Follow Leigh on Twitter: @leighsteinberg.