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A Word, Please: More tips on how to write bullet-proof prose

A Word, Please: More tips on how to write bullet-proof prose

Last week, we looked at words and phrases that, while fine in general usage, are considered no-nos in professional editing. But there are more — lots more — than we could fit into a single column. So here are more terms that, though fine in casual usage, you might want to skip if you're writing...


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  • Letter: Denial of building paint job makes him laugh

    Letter: Denial of building paint job makes him laugh

    As I get older if find the strangest things make me laugh out loud. My latest encounter was reading that Roger Kiesel, a case planner for the city, and Community Development Director Philip Lanzafame had decided against allowing Pacific BMW to paint the front of their facility on Brand Boulevard...

  • Guest Commentary: Documentary captures Jewel City's gleam

    Have you ever wondered about all of the vintage buildings and homes in Glendale and how it is that amid the progressive growth of the city, there still remain so many beautiful structures, businesses and people? A documentary entitled "Vintage Glorious Glendale" is in movie theaters and encompasses...

  • Letter: Scalia, others miss an important point

    Justice Scalia and the other opinions given in the In Theory articles are missing a very important point. I believe God is our conscience and he speaks to us every day, telling us right from wrong. He does not necessarily have anything to do with religion. Some religions are very corrupt and they...

  • Letter: Kazaz exhibition was a success

    Earlier this month, there was a successful art exhibition at the Consulate of the Republic of Armenia, in Glendale, presenting the works of the famous artist Emil Kazaz. The opening night was by invitation only and the rooms were crowded. You had to sneak in between people to try to see all his...

  • Letter: Freeway expansion is not a good idea

    Freeways are crowded but each time one is expanded, like the recent multiyear effort on the 405, the traffic doesn’t improve. Yet there was a recent letter to the editor calling for the Glendale (2) Freeway to be extended south all the way to the 90 Marina Expressway and the 710 extended to the...

Cartoonist Bert Ring

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Leader Cartoon: Right-or-wrong-of-way?

Bert Ring shows the symbolic showdown between local cyclists and equestrians on the Mariposa Street Bridge. A little more than a month after introducing an ordinance to ban cycling across the bridge, the Burbank City Council is poised to ban even the possession of bikes on it.

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In Theory: Reviewing the Czech leader's anti-migrant stance

In Theory: Reviewing the Czech leader's anti-migrant stance

Czech President Milos Zeman said this month that it was "practically impossible" to integrate Muslims into European society. "Let them have their culture in their countries and not take it to Europe," said Zeman, who went on to say that Europe would "end up like Cologne," referring to the large...